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The Puerto Rico Tax Reporter is a must-have for anyone doing business in Puerto Rico. It features strong translations, comprehensive Puerto Rico income tax explanations and details the Puerto Rico internal revenue code.

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The Puerto Rico Tax Reporter is a must-have for anyone doing business in Puerto Rico. Available on IntelliConnect™, the most advanced tax research network in the industry, it features strong translations, comprehensive explanations, key outside-authored information, an easy-to-use topical structure, and a monthly report letter covering recent developments and trends.

  • Contains the full text and explanations of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code, including the important Commonwealth Industrial Incentives Acts.
  • Contains superior translations of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code, General Corporations Act, Municipal License Tax Act, Municipal Property Tax Act, Municipal Revenues Collection Center Act, regulations, and selected cases and rulings.
  • Includes a complete, topically organized Forms section, including forms and instructions. Editorial consultation is provided by a team of experts in Puerto Rico’s legal system, ensuring a reliable, accurate translation of material.
  • Comprehensive explanations, featuring our exclusive “Selected Puerto Rico Tax Issues” section. “Selected Issues” provides additional practical advice and knowledge from practicing Puerto Rico industry experts on recent developments in Puerto Rico tax law.
  • Numerous tips, cautions and examples provide workable strategies for subscribers. This commentary is provided by noted experts Miguel Valdes, former tax partner at Ernst & Young and now of the firm of Valdes, Machado & Associates, LLC., and by Fernando Goyco-Covas, of the Puerto Rico law firm of Adsuar Muñiz Goyco and Besosa, P.S.C.

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