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2013 State of Accounting & Audit
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Accounting Research Manager®

Provide near real time authoritative and interpretive guidance. Quickly resolve client issues under US GAAP, IAS, and IFRS from a single location.

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ProSystem fx® Engagement

Obtain instant access to paperless audit and tax client binders. Promptly prepare financial statements and trial balance reports, and manage all workpapers and lead sheets, with no concern of conflicting copies.

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ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach

This GPS for auditors moves you swiftly through the planning process. Automatically link risks to program steps, get diagnostics for unaddressed risks, and watch information flow through all workpapers on the fly.

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CCH Learning & Development Academy - School of Audit

Get your required annual CPE from CCH. Real-life, hands-on-computer courses provide software and technical audit training.

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ProSystem fx® ActiveData

Make audit fraud detection and data analysis simple. Immediately transform hard-to-use data into usable data for the volume of your core business, straight through Microsoft Excel.

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ProSystem fx® PDFlyer

Gain efficiencies through numerous time-saving features that simplify your everyday process of working with Adobe Acrobat files. Reach a new level of productivity through built-in functionality designed specifically for CPAs.

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CCH KnowledgeConnect

Get a return on your knowledge (ROK) when you capture, distribute and effectively use your walking-around knowledge. Share best practices, easily identify subject matter experts and get answers faster for improved client service and increased productivity.

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CCH Axcess™ Portal

Provides a secure online space where clients have 24/7 access to their financial documents and the ability to collaborate with firm staff in real-time, at any time.

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ProSystem fx® Document

Change your client information into an organized digital repository. Turn deliverables like financial statements, permanent workpaper files and tax returns into searchable documents accessible at your fingertips for faster client service.

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