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Client Collaboration

Collaborate with clients instantly and securely through the cloud, delivering information from anywhere, at any time. Enable mobility to drive effectiveness and efficiencies in your firm. Reduce hard copy communication costs and increase your firm's bottom line.

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Document Management

Organize communication, digitize tax returns, emails and records. Save time and money with a digital document management solution that provides effortless searching and integration with the ProSystem fx® Suite.

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Firm Management

Transform your billing process, track billable and nonbillable time, analyze productivity and more – all with one a practice management solution designed to work seamlessly with the ProSystem fx® Suite.

“Effectively manage your firm and quickly make changes to improve your processes and profitability with tools such as: time and expense entry, billing and invoicing, accounts receivable, project management, contact management, and reporting. You’ll even give your marketing a boost with the ability to generate mass emails, labels and letters.

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Get rapid answers so you can make critical business decisions with a business intelligence solution that eliminates the need to compile data and provides a return on your investment in as little as six months.

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CCH Axcess Practice simplifies billing, making it easier for you to invoice clients faster. In addition to billing clients on a one-to-one basis, you can bill groups of clients simultaneously — saving a lot of time.  CCH Axcess™ Practice provides easy-to-use, comprehensive time and billing features that will allow your firm to maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work in the most efficient way possible. 

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Firm Workflows

CCH Axcess™ Workstream is the work-tracking, project management component of CCH Axcess. It monitors due dates, manages all projects — no matter how simple or complex — and maps processes into standardized steps to ensure consistency.

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Knowledge Management

Harvest intellectual knowledge and expertise, driving firm efficiencies and encouraging team collaboration through a searchable database designed to reduce repetitive questions, easily identify subject-matter experts, and share information.

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Website Solutions

Establish a professional website with helpful tools, emarketing functions, and relevant, up-to-date resources that will improve client collaboration and attract new clients. Add dynamic to your existing website or utilize our team of custom graphic designers to build your firm's image online. Click here for a FREE test drive.

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