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CCH Axcess™ Practice

CCH Axcess™ Practice provides easy-to-use, comprehensive time and billing features that will allow your firm to maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work in the most efficient way possible.

Key Features + Benefits
  • Capture more billable hours — Simple, one-screen time entry and easy access to clocks from the route sheet encourages staff to more accurately capture their hours.
  • Increase billing efficiency — Invoices are easy to create and edit, so less time is spent on the billing and invoicing process.
  • Improve firm profitability — Integrated reporting allows firm managers to monitor a wide range of KPIs, including productivity ratios, WIP/AR analysis, and profit reports by office or project.
  • Analyze client relationships — Instantly view key information like WIP, accounts receivable balances, charges and credits, and invoices for any client you select.

CCH Axcess Practice also simplifies billing, making it easier for you to invoice clients faster. In addition to billing clients on a one-to-one basis, you can bill groups of clients simultaneously — saving a lot of time.

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