FIN 48 Disclosure Rules Have Changed — Are You Prepared?

In January the IRS dropped a bombshell affecting any company with assets of $10 million or more. Effective tax years 2010 and beyond, companies must file a FIN 48 disclosure schedule with their income tax returns.

This move, together with current FASB and SEC mandates on provisioning for current tax payables and deferred tax assets, is certain to increase the pressure on corporate tax professionals.

 FIN 48 Disclosure Rules Have Changed — Are You Prepared?

Global Integrator
Now is the time to improve your tax provisioning and FIN 48 processes.

Companies with frequent tax controversies and litigation are already providing these disclosures in their financial reporting. For everyone else, there is no need to panic.

Evaluating Tax Provisioning Solutions:

Breaking Through the Myths to Find the Right Solution for Your Company
Evaluating Tax Provisioning Solutions Ever since the passage of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), income tax accounting and tax provisioning have taken on increased importance and urgency for corporate finance departments and executives.
This whitepaper attempts to dispel some of the myths surrounding this issue and provide a framework for evaluating tax provisioning solutions, with the hope of enabling tax professionals to make an informed decision based on the unique needs of their organizations.


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Reducing Risk without Breaking the Budget

Whether global or domestic, Tax and Finance Departments face common challenges:
  • Disparate data coming from many sources
  • Manual and inconsistent processes
  • Reduced staff and lowered budgets
  • Growing compliance needs, including FIN 48 and Schedule UTP
A well-implemented tax technology platform lifts the burden of compliance and reporting obligations and helps you effectively manage risk while freeing up resources for more strategic activities.

In this 1-presentation, you’ll learn how you can improve process efficiency, reduce errors and create consistency across your organization. Discover how you can improve data integrity and handle tax provisioning, FIN 48 and tax compliance requirements with just one database.


A well-implemented tax technology platform has not only become a ‘tool of trade’ for managing the corporate tax function, but is now imperative to lift the burden of compliance and reporting obligations, effectively manage risk and enable resources to focus on more strategic tax activities. Global Integrator is a web-based solution that provides a single platform for data collection, analysis and tax reporting globally. Its multi-jurisdictional functionality delivers benefits to both the head office and the local countries.
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Accounting for Uncertain Tax Positions (FIN 48) Manager™

All-in-one compliance resource that simplifies implementation and planning for accounting for uncertain tax positions
Accounting for Uncertain Tax Positions (FIN 48) Manager™ is an authoritative, comprehensive resource on IntelliConnect® that brings together all the support materials, tools and practice aids necessary to structure and complete your compliance under FASB Codification Topic 740, Income Taxes, for uncertain tax positions (UTP).
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Uncertainty in Income Taxes Answer Book

Uncertainty in Income Taxes Answer Book The Uncertainty in Income Taxes Answer Book is designed for practitioners who need quick and authoritative answers to questions concerning the
implementation of standards under ASC Topics 740, 805, and 835.This book uses simple straightforward language to provide guidance on consistent accounting practices and criteria for enterprises reporting tax benefits from uncertain tax positions.
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