Welcome to the CCH Learning & Development Academy

The one-stop shop for all your professional development needs. The Academy addresses the main service areas of most firms with the School of Audit and the School of Tax.

The Optimum Learning Approach for Today's Tax and Accounting Professionals

The CCH® Learning & Development Academy offers the most comprehensive role-based staff developmental programs on the market. Unrivaled content delivered in an expertly facilitated learning environment equips your staff to be highly proficient tax and accounting professionals. Our fresh approach to creating dynamic, interactive courses ensures maximum knowledge retention. Because of the progressive levels built into the program, every professional staff member from a new hire to the most experienced associate can benefit – both immediately and long term.

Three Essential Skills

The Academy’s proprietary approach integrates three critical skill areas into one learning experience:

Technical Tax & Accounting Knowledge

Our role-based approach delivers the ideal balance of technical tax and accounting knowledge at each level. The attendee completes the class ready to get to work.


Software Training

Attendees train on workstations fully equipped with the type of software used by tax and accounting professionals. If it's not your firm's particular software, no problem — the curriculum accounts for it.


Professional Skills

What contributes to an exemplary employee and colleague? Attendees will learn what's expected of highly proficient public accounting professionals.

The Academy's programs will help you meet Continuing Professional Education requirements. Refer to course descriptions for possible credits and read CCH Accreditation information.

Four Distinctive Features

The underlying design of the Academy creates an absorbing and highly effective learning environment:

Real-Life Workflow

Extraordinary care in mirroring our attendee's working environment ensures relevancy and makes for a successful transition back to the office.


Case Study Exercises

Well-developed case studies and scenarios from real-world situations engage the participant's critical thinking and dramatically aid retention.


Dedicated Learning Professionals

Adult learning specialists experienced in public accounting skillfully guide participants through complex topics and facilitate comprehension.


Valuable CPE Credits

Participants can earn valuable CPE Credits for each and every hour invested with a CCH Learning & Development Academy program.