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ProSystem fx® Suite - award-winning, integrated tax and accounting software for firms of any size

  • ProSystem fx Suite - View an introduction to our award-winning suite of integrated tax and accounting software.


  • ProSystem fx Tax - Learn what our industry-leading tax compliance software is all about.


  • ProSystem fx Document - Reduce the costs associated with creating and storing paper documents, and achieve dramatic workflow improvements - a complete document management solution built specifically for today's CPA firm.


  • ProSystem fx Engagement - Learn how ProSystem fx Engagement can streamline your audit and tax processes with secure electronic binders and time-saving automation.


  • ProSystem fx Fixed Assets - Get an overview of our complete asset tracking, management, and reporting solution.


  • ProSystem fx Knowledge Tools - Efficiently implement and comply with the new AICPA Risk Assessment Standards by using ProSystem fx Knowledge Tools - a streamlined, easy-to-follow audit methodology developed by CCH.


  • ProSystem fx Outsource - Streamline your firm's tax return processing operations by leveraging the lower cost of highly trained tax professionals in other countries...cut costs by up to 50-60%!


  • ProSystem fx Planning - Discover how you can save hours of valuable time on your tax planning engagements.


  • ProSystem fx Practice Management - Learn how you can empower your staff to manage their own time.


  • ProSystem fx Scan v4.0 with AutoFlow Technology - Together, ProSystem fx Tax, ProSystem fx Scan, PDFlyer and AutoFlow Technology give your firm a complete paperless 1040 solution, with the 1040 data import capability you've always imagined.



ProSystem fx® Suite - Training and Consulting

  • CCH University - On demand training for new hires. Speed up new employee orientation through accountable, standardized CCH product training.


  • Training & Consulting - Learn how CCH Training & Consulting can help you train new users, implement new applications, and learn how to leverage advanced product functionality - supporting productivity and an optimal return on your investment.


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CorpSystem® Sales tax, income tax and workflow solutions for corporate professionals

  • CorpSystem Income Tax and Workflow Products - Streamline your tax and accounting processes with integrated solutions for workpaper management, tax compliance, asset management, and document storage.


  • ProSystem fx Tax - Corporate Edition - Find out how to improve your workflow throughout the year by creating an integrated tax lifecycle with the tax compliance component of the CorpSystem suite.


  • CorpSystem Workpaper Manager - Make your existing workpapers more efficient without changing the way you work with powerful workflow features and trial balance functionality.

  • CorpSystem Fixed Assets - Get an overview of the complete asset tracking, management and reporting component of the CorpSystem suite.

  • CorpSystem Sales Tax Office - Reduce the time you spend monitoring and updating tax rates and taxability rules with this server-based tax calculation system.


  • CorpSystem Sales Tax Overview. Eliminate the burden of sales tax compliance, while reducing your risk of a tax audit and lowering costs, with end-to-end solutions from CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business



CCH® Research - Solutions for tax and accounting professionals

  • Accounting Research Manager® - is the most timely and comprehensive online database of expert-written analytical accounting, auditing, governmental, internal controls and SEC information as well as primary source data. Updated daily, it provides current, complete and objective resource for your financial reporting needs.


  • Business Incentives Navigator - Save time with this powerful, efficient and accurate tool that identifies all the credits and incentives available for a given state or industry. To ensure that no opportunity is missed, both tax and non-tax incentives are included.


  • California/Federal Conformity Code - Discover how you can view California Tax Law seamlessly reconciled with the Internal Revenue Code for the fastest, most convenient searching possible.


  •  - Breakthrough application to speed and integrate tax research with the workflows of accountants, tax preparers and lawyers.


  • CCH ClientRelate - Innovative productivity tool for accounting firms, streamlines professionals' practice by integrating the research authority of IntelliConnect™ with the power of CCH's tax compliance software, ProSystem fx Tax and Global fx Tax.


  • CCH IntelliConnect™ - The most authoritative, comprehensive online tax research information service; seamlessly integrates with CCH's ProSystem fx® tax compliance software to provide one-stop workflow solutions for tax and accounting professionals. Only tax research service to offer one-click access to research answers for users of Microsoft® Office 2003 programs - allowing practitioners to conduct their research right within an Office application, such as Word, Excel® or Outlook®, without ever having to leave the document before them.


  • CPE Assistant ™ - is an innovative management tool that tracks and maintains all Continuing Professional Education (CPE) compliance records for CPAs across all 50 CPA regulatory bodies mandating CPE. Whether you are using the CCH Learning Center or a different learning management system, CPE Assistant will track your CPE progress and retain all of your records in one, convenient place.


  • CPE Assistant ™ for Individuals - This brief tutorial will demonstrate how CPE Assistant can help individual tax practitioners maintain and track Continuing Professional Education (CPE) compliance records for all 50 CPA regulatory bodies mandating CPE. Whether you are using the CCH Learning Center or a different learning management system, CPE Assistant will track your CPE progress and retain all of your records in one, convenient place.


  • CPE Assistant ™ for Administrators - Get step-by-step instructions on how to register users into select courses to create individual learning plans, access certificates of completion for all users, bookmark reports for future use, track CPE completions for individual practitioners throughout all 50 jurisdictions mandating CPE and much more


  • Perform Plus III - Get step-by-step instructions on how to use this program to locate, view, complete and print WYSIWYG forms, schedules and instructions for virtually every type of return.


  • Roth IRA Conversion Evaluator - This brief tutorial will demonstrate how the Roth IRA Conversion Evaluator works, and how to perform certain tasks like adding a new client, printing, exporting and much more.


  • CCH State Tax Smart Charts. Quick access to state explanations, laws and regulations; easily create multi-jurisdictional, customizable charts; export Word® or Excel®; "live" links after downloading to ensure materials are current


  • Practical Tax Expert™ - The detailed research and valuable decision support you need to answer your clients' federal tax questions - all in a single, comprehensive resource.


  • Tax Zone Locator - Learn how you can quickly find tax incentive and credit zones and get substantial tax savings.


  • International Tax Treaty Expert Library - Premier, one-stop library for tax practitioners engaged in tax research of international transactions. Detailed tax treaty and important rate information from 51 countries.


  • Tax Tracker News - The most current, comprehensive, customizable tax news service on the Internet; daily federal and state tax news service that brings users the focused tax news they want. Fully integrated with IntelliConnect™, allowing users to seamlessly move from reading the latest tax and accounting news developments to researching how their clients will be affected.


  • TaxScripts® TaxPro - Get detailed instructions on how to use this powerful tool to quickly create and submit Disclosure Authorizations and obtain IRS transcripts in seconds through the IRS e-Services website. Discover how to transfer client data from ProSystem fx® Tax directly into TaxScripts® TaxPro to save more time and reduce errors.


  • Worldwide Tax Rates and Answers - Your one efficient solution for real-time, country-specific national and local tax rates, information, forms and instructions for 90 countries around the world - all in English.

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