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  • Tax Chat from the Hill >
    Federal tax updates from CCH experts Mark Luscombe and George Jones.
  • The SALT Minds >
    State and local tax legislative updates from CCH’s state tax experts Marlia, Rocky, Amber and Laura.
  • Customer's Voice >
    Testimonials and feedback direct from customers about CCH products.
  • CCH Connections: User Conference >
    Updates and news about the annual CCH Connections: User Conference.
  • CCH Integrator >
    News and expert analysis on international tax issues specific to the tax provision process for multinational corporations.




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  • CCH LinkedIn Company Page >
    Customers and employees alike follow this page to access a variety of company updates.
  • CCH LinkedIn group >
    The official CCH group on LinkedIn is an easy way to get connected, as well as share industry and product-related insights while building your professional network.
  • CCH Product subgroups >
    Trade tips and tricks with customers of CCH products and CCH product experts.
  • CCH Integrator group >
    The CCH Integrator LinkedIn group serves to connect international tax professionals with each other and with insights related to global tax provision, research, reporting and compliance.
  • Strategic Account Virtual Roundtable >
    A virtual forum for interacting with like-minded firms for the purposes of exchanging information, best practices, providing suggestions and asking questions.




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