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Helps you understand and comply with rapidly changing accounting, auditing, governmental, SEC and internal controls standards.

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The Basics:

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In today’s business world, it has become a monumental task to stay on top of the changes and additions to accounting rules and regulations. And, even if you manage to stay in tune with the changes, understanding and applying them presents another challenge. Luckily, Accounting Research Manager pulls together all of the information and analysis you need in one place, providing you with information you can trust in a format you can use.

Accounting Research Manager goes beyond the basic guidance that is normally offered. Instead, it translates complex information into easy-to-understand language with interpretations that clearly define the rules from your perspective.

It helps you understand and comply with rapidly changing accounting, auditing, governmental, SEC and internal controls standards, such as Fair Value, the Codification issued by the FASB, FASB Codification Topic 740 (FIN 48), Sarbanes-Oxley and other pertinent topics.

It includes:

  • A comprehensive online financial reporting database, including all source content and industry leading interpretations.
  • Interpretive guidance that allows you to navigate directly from within a document or from within the tips view in a task pane to resources on ARM.
  • Unique FASB functionality that saves valuable time through "combine an entire topic" and summaries of new releases.
  • Exclusive up-to-date coverage of current developments such as the AICPA Clarity Project

2012 Enhancements

Accounting Research Manager has a new look and feel! New navigation, plus enhanced functionality promotes more efficient and faster research capabilities. For example, documents open in separate tabs for easier navigation; you can bookmark favorite locations for instant access, and even access your research history. You can also jump back-and-forth between documents without losing your place. Users can forward text of CCH authored and SEC documents, too.

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The Details:

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Accounting Research Manager is the most comprehensive online financial reporting database available today, offering expert interpretive guidance, which includes:

  • Accounting standards
  • Auditing Standards
  • SEC rules and regulations
  • Government accounting standards
  • Interpretive publications
  • Checklists
  • And more…

The Accounting Research Manager database is updated up to five times per day and includes Daily News, the latest accounting, auditing, international, regulatory and governmental news — delivered to you daily via e-mail. In addition, it helps you address a variety of issues through add-on libraries, such as:

  • Audit Public
  • Standard
  • Audit Private
  • Accounting Only
  • Audit Only
  • Knowledge-Based Audits™
  • Government Add-On
  • Academic Audit Public
  • Academic Standard
  • Internal Controls Library
  • Internal Audit Library
  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting Library
  • 10-K Lookup
  • AutoCheck U.S. GAAP Disclosures Checklist
  • IAS Standard
  • International Interpretations Add-On Library
  • Financial Reporting Asia-Pacific Add-On Library

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The Content:

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Accounting Research Manager provides one-stop access to U.S. and international authoritative and proposal stage literature with direct links to CCH interpretations, guidance and FASB codification standards. All-inclusive, and continually expanding, coverage includes:

  • FASB — Complete Codification as issued by the FASB, all pre-Codification content (Statements, Interpretations, Staff Positions, Technical Bulletins and Staff Implementation Guides), together with historical Accounting Research Bulletins and APB Opinions
  • AICPA — Professional Standards, Statements of Position, Audit and Accounting Guides, Practice Bulletins, Accounting Interpretations and Issues Papers
  • SEC — Financial reporting related Rules and Regulations, Staff Accounting Bulletins, Financial Reporting Releases, Staff Legal Bulletins, Staff Speeches and much more
  • EITF — Abstracts, Minutes and Issues Summaries
  • PCAOB — Rules and releases (proposed and final), Disciplinary Proceedings, Staff Questions and Answers, PCAOB-related SEC orders, proposals and FAQs
  • COSO — Internal Control Framework, Guidance for Smaller Public Companies and Monitoring Internal Control Systems
  • IASB — International Accounting Standards/International Financial Reporting Standards and SIC/IFRIC Interpretations
  • GASB — Statements, Interpretations, Technical Bulletins, Staff Implementation Guides and related proposal-stage literature
  • GAO — Government Auditing Standards and Financial Audit Manual
  • OMB — Circulars and Compliance Supplements
  • IIT — Reports and SOX 404 Guide

Knowledge-Based Audit Methodology for AICPA Risk Assessment Standards Compliance

A trusted resource within the accounting profession, the methodology is the best available today and covers many areas:

  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Commercial Entities
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of State and Local Governments with Single Audits
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Employee Benefit Plans
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Financial Institutions
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Real Estate Entities
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Health Care Entities
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Not-for-Profit Organizations with Single Audits
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Construction Contractors and Related Entities
  • Knowledge-Based Audits, Compilations, and Reviews of Common Interest Realty Associations
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Compilations and Reviews
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Public Entities: A Guide to PCAOB Standards and SEC Rules
  • Knowledge-Based Nontraditional Engagements
  • Knowledge-Based International Audits
  • Knowledge-Based Audits of Housing and Urban Development

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 The power of ARM is magnified when used with other solutions

The power of Accounting Research Manager is magnified when it’s used as a research tool within ProSystem fx® Engagement and Knowledge Coach. It gives you answers to research questions and guides you through your workday, providing you with authoritative financial reporting material and interpretive guidance right when and where you need it.

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 ARM is Global. Learn more

In the wake of the increasing globalization of accounting standards, it’s crucial for you to understand them. The following tools will help you do so:

Accounting Research Manager International Interpretations Add-On Module — Includes up-to-date interpretive guidance written by experts in the industry, as well as guidance from the Big 4 accounting firms. With International Interpretations, you’ll have everything you need to ease the transition to the new standards.

International Accounting/Financial Reporting Standards Guide — Keeps you updated on the latest general and industry-specific international reporting standards and the proposed changes in the near future, which will most likely change the way you’ll have to account for and disclose information. This Guide is conveniently organized in two parts — general standards and industry-specific standards, with Practice Pointers throughout that illustrate how the standards apply.

International Accounting Q & A in Interpretations and Examples — Includes International Accounting Q & A in Interpretations and Examples, which provide you with pertinent questions and answers that address such issues as leases and inventory.

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Web Product Demo:

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Discover the benefits of using the most comprehensive online database of authoritative accounting, auditing, governmental and SEC material and interpretive guidance. Join us for a free online presentation of the Accounting Research Manager (ARM).

Learn How to Enhance Your Financial Reporting

An Accounting and Auditing Specialist will show how ARM can assist you in understanding and keeping current on complex accounting legislation in this 1/2 to 1 hour Web-based presentation that covers...

  • Authoritative Research - ARM provides FASB, AICPA, SEC, EITF, IASB, PCAOB, GASB, GAO, OMB and IFRS authoritative and proposal-stage literature, plus insightful interpretations from financial reporting experts in one place, providing you with information you can trust in a format you can use.
  • Interpretations and Examples - ARM goes beyond the basic guidance normally offered by translating complex information into easy-to-understand language with interpretations clearly defining the rules from your perspective.
  • Stay Up To Date - The ARM database is updated up to five times per day and includes Daily News, the latest accounting, auditing, international, regulatory and governmental news delivered daily via e-mail.

Webinars include such topics as:

  • Review of ARM content - Authoritative Literature, Accounting Topics, Interpretations
  • Demonstration on the product's navigation and features
  • Review of additional guidance - Daily Developments, Weekly Summary, Knowledge-Based Audit Guides, and more

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...Or join us for a presentation on CCH’s entire integrated Accounting & Audit Suite

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CCH offers onsite and online training for all levels of professional development, including courses that earn CPE credit. Whether you’re a novice or skilled user, our expert instructors, course content and learning tools offer the tips, tricks and solid explanations you need to transform your work processes.

Available training includes on-demand or online self-study options; Web-based and onsite training; and a variety of seminars and conferences, some at a location near you.


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CCH Support is the best in the business — we’re always here when you need us. To keep your office up and running, we offer helpful tools, as well as a variety of ways to interact with CCH Support.

CCH Knowledge Base — In this online database of CCH software information, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, information on critical known issues and product documentation.

  • Web ticket — Learn how to open a Web ticket online to submit your question directly to customer support.
  • System requirements — Find out exactly what you need for CCH products to function properly in your office.
  • Real-time chat — If you need a quick answer but don’t want to pick up the phone, live chatting via your Web browser is the way to go.
  • CCH Support Center — Pick up your phone and call us to speak directly to a customer support representative.
  • Remote support — Complicated problem? We can access your computer remotely and view your screen.

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