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Eliminate duplicate effort, prevent knowledge erosion and speed up client responsiveness with CCH KnowledgeConnect. Collect, organize and preserve the internal knowledge of your organization’s subject-matter-experts with the knowledge management solution designed for accounting firms.

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The Basics:

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When you run a successful accounting firm, knowledge is at the center of your organization. In an age of ubiquitous information sources, clients turn to you to help them sort through the noise and apply the right knowledge to their specific accounting, tax, audit, or business needs.

CCH KnowledgeConnect allows organizations to capitalize on their greatest asset - their own expertise.  Available anytime and anywhere, this intuitive knowledge management system turns your firm’s knowledge into a strategic asset by helping your employees locate and benefit from documented tacit and explicit knowledge within organization. Powerful search capabilities keep your firm employees easily connected - and your clients too if you like.

For Microsoft SharePoint users, unite the two solutions with a plug-in to enjoy additional functionality through SharePoint like formal Q&A Manager, an expert locator, dynamic profiling, and more. Share, brainstorm, collaborate. Contact us today — we’ll get you there.

The Details :

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Whether you’re at your desk or on the go with a mobile device, KnowledgeConnect keeps you connected by a click via secure Internet access to the information you need to make faster and more informed business decisions. Centralize knowledge within your organization and ensure you’re not losing critical knowledge when your thought leaders retire or leave the firm.

  • KnowledgeConnect offers:
    • Powerful search capabilities - Helps employees quickly locate the right answers and then rate their accuracy, quality and usefulness so that the best answers are promoted for firm-wide use. Plus, combines your organization’s internal knowledge with information in your other CCH solutions, including ProSystem fx® Document, IntelliConnect® and CCH Support Knowledgebase.
    • Social look and feel – Interactive communities provide easy organization-wide collaboration, including satellite offices and remote employees. Email notifications, Wiki and Blog options, tagging favorite content and more provide a user experience similar to LinkedIn and other social sites.
    • Results-driven homepage – Upon login, instant visibility to the newest information posted to the users areas of interest.
    • Easy to use functionality – Set your own business rules, publish documents, FAQs, announcements, blogs, best practices and wikis, ask questions, and fully manage how your knowledge sharing best works for your firm.
    • Return-on-Investment (ROI) Reporting – Track how much time and money KnowledgeConnect is saving your organization.



You can customize KnowledgeConnect for the way your organization works. You can share blogs, wikis, best practices and frequently asked questions. You can also customize rules, such as routing an answer or a best practice for approval before it’s published, escalating urgent questions if they have not been answered in a pre-defined amount of time, flagging low-rated items for further review and controlling who can join a community based on their roles in the firm.

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KnowledgeConnect not only captures the internal knowledge of your organization’s leaders and subject matter experts, it also connects you to your other CCH solutions, including ProSystem fx Document, IntelliConnect, and CCH Support Knowledgebase.

Share, brainstorm, collaborate. Contact us today — we’ll get you there.


  • “The number one benefit for us is how quickly CCH® KnowledgeConnect™ places information at our fingertips, whether you’ve been at the firm for one month or 20 years. I was on a client call recently when a client asked a question that I knew we had answered on KnowledgeConnect. Before KnowledgeConnect, finding the answer would have taken 15–30 minutes of research, but we found the answer within 30 seconds on KnowledgeConnect and were able to get the answer to the client right away.”  — Kathy Parker, Partner, Rodman & Rodman, PC
  • “While Google® is convenient, much of the information on there is incorrect or out-of-date. With CCH® KnowledgeConnect™, we can have confidence that results are both current and correct. We want our people to feel supported with the latest tools to do their job and KnowledgeConnect demonstrates how committed we are to the attraction and retention of new talent.”  — Christopher Murray, Partner, Murray Stok & Company
  • While tax law and other processes may change, capturing the understanding not only of technical expertise but also of a process-related internal mechanism is tremendously valuable. You take an individual who may have been practicing Federal tax for 40 years and capture a third of his knowledge in KnowledgeConnect before he retires, and you’re going to have dividends. The ability to dive back into their heads after they’re gone is of tremendously high value. — John Henninger, Manager of the Business and Tax Services Department, Meyners + Company
  • Obviously, our firm’s biggest asset is the people, and we want to make sure we retain their knowledge. – George Balhoff, Partner, Postlethwaite & Netterville
  • KnowledgeConnect enables us to capture and organize the knowledge and experience that resides between the ears of each of our staff. “We can get that experience out of email, share notes and record what and how we’ve done things in the past in a searchable, easily accessible location. In a sense, KnowledgeConnect is like a fifth monitor, providing a central place to capture the nuances and instructions. –Kevin Krueger, Owner, Krueger & Associates

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By 2020, 75% of organization leaders will retire, taking their expertise with them, which is why knowledge management is so important.

Find out how your organization can capture knowledge with CCH’s KnowledgeConnect:

  • A centralized and easy-to-search knowledge management system
  • Helps organizations retain knowledge
  • Empowers staff to make faster and more informed business decisions
  • Reduces project cycle times

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CCH offers onsite and online training for all levels of professional development, including courses that earn CPE credit. Whether you’re a novice or skilled user, our expert instructors, course content and learning tools offer the tips, tricks and solid explanations you need to transform your work processes.

Available training includes on-demand or online self-study options; Web-based and onsite training; and a variety of seminars and conferences, some at a location near you.


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CCH Support is the best in the business — we’re always here when you need us. To keep your office up and running, we offer helpful tools, as well as a variety of ways to interact with CCH Support.

CCH Knowledge Base — In this online database of CCH software information, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, information on critical known issues and product documentation.

  • Web ticket — Learn how to open a Web ticket online to submit your question directly to customer support.
  • System requirements — Find out exactly what you need for CCH products to function properly in your office.
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