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Some software companies claim their product will simplify your workday, but end up complicating it instead because the learning curve is insurmountable.

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The Basics:

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Some software companies claim their product will simplify your workday, but end up complicating it instead because the learning curve is insurmountable. The ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager learning curve is just the opposite because it uses tools you already know and trust to refine your company’s tax compliance, financial reporting, internal auditing and trial balance needs. Workpaper Manager incorporates your existing Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® Word workpapers into electronic binders and automates them with dynamic links.

Workpaper Manager — Make your existing workpapers more efficient without changing the way you work. Contact us today — we’ll get you there.

The Details:

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Workpaper Manager lets you use your current workpapers and files in their native format, including Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Outlook® and PDF files. From there, Workpaper Manager functionality lets you:

  • Roll forward an entire binder, including trial balance, linked financials and workpapers with a single mouse click, leaving behind a secure archival binder.
  • Automate new projects with customized binder templates.
  • Share every file or workpaper simultaneously and synchronize work from any location.
  • Create, respond to and clear various types of notes for Team, Open Items and Next Period issues.
  • Create a controlled process around your workpapers with secure online sign-offs by preparer and reviewer and the ability to lock documents after final review.
  • Access audit trails that track workpapers, their history and sign-offs.

Workpaper Manager — Make your existing workpapers more efficient without changing the way you work. Contact us today


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Workpaper Manager has changed the way professionals work by taking advantage of their investment in Microsoft Office. Workpaper Manager’s exclusive use of these applications allows you to:

  • Incorporate your existing Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word workpapers and financial reporting into electronic binders and automate them with Workpaper Manager’s dynamic links.
  • Capture project-related emails or file attachments within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Choose from more than 60 Excel and Word templates or import your own.
  • Reduce your learning curve by building upon your staff’s existing Microsoft Offce knowledge.

CCH is continually seeking new ways to streamline your workflow and save you time. Currently, a variety of ProSystem fx® solutions integrate with Workpaper Manager.

Workpaper Manager — Make your existing workpapers more efficient without changing the way you work. Contact us today


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The Administrator module allows you to customize the application to fit the way you work. You can:

  • Assign staff members using flexible assignment options that allow you to grant access to electronic binders to all staff, binder teams or individual staff members.
  • Share staff information, licensing and binders in a multi-office environment, with or without a wide-area network using Office Servers.
  • Share your own department or company tips and policies using the customizable Tips of the Day feature.

Setting up your workpapers and data for tax compliance purposes will allow you to focus on important tax issues and planning, rather than the mechanics of tax return data entry. A variety of dashboards give you an at-a-glance overview of your entire team:

  • Engagement Today displays recently used binders, offers multiple sorting options and identifies binders that have new notes, checked-out workpapers, unsynchronized documents or are past their due dates.
  • Binder Snapshot displays the current user’s workpapers and workpaper count, as well as notes and sign-off details in one convenient location.
  • Trial Balance Snapshot displays a digital dashboard for high-level financial data, ungrouped accounts and out-of-balance status for the selected trial balance and grouping list.

Workpaper Manager — Make your existing workpapers more efficient without changing the way you work. Contact us today

Web Product Demo:

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Efficient Corporate Financial and Tax Reporting

Discover how to use award-winning tax compliance and paperless workpaper applications from ProSystem fxTax and Workpaper Manager – to improve your efficiency in preparing the following:

  • Interim, multiperiod and consolidated financial reports
  • Supporting workpapers
  • Federal and state income tax returns
  • Budgets
  • You'll also learn how to use Workpaper Manager to perform periodic financial reviews, better organize your internal reporting for investors, compile information for your accountant, and more. Plus, you’ll see how ProSystem fx Tax can help you with your in-house tax return preparation or your prep work for your CPA.

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Streamlining Corporate Workflow Processes

You can significantly improve your workflow by having an integrated suite of software at your fingertips. This demo covers the benefits you'll realize by using the integrated ProSystem fx® suite, such as:

  • Streamlined and productive business processes.
  • Efficient storage, retrieval and sharing of documents.
  • Improved compliance with regulatory authorities.
  • Timely and secure collaboration within your company and with third-parties such as investors, vendors and business advisors.
  • Secure storage of all corporate documents and intellectual capital.

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