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Improve the accuracy of your of your sales and use tax calculations and reduce your audit risk with CorpSystem® Sales Tax Office. This advanced system combines industry-leading tax rate and taxability content with highly accurate jurisdiction boundary information and sophisticated logic.

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The Basics:

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Reduce the time you spend on sales and use tax compliance with CorpSystem Sales Tax Office. This advanced sales tax calculation system from CCH combines industry-leading sales tax rate and taxability content with highly accurate jurisdictional boundary information and sophisticated logic capable of supporting the most complex sourcing and tax calculation rules.

Sales Tax Office handles real-time sales tax calculation for multiple business entities and/or divisions, multiple ERP modules or even different ERP systems. All sales tax calculation transactions are logged for end-of-month liability reporting and secondary audit defense.

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The Details:

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A total solution for your sales tax calculation needs, Sales Tax Office offers an easy-to-use interface that maps product SKUs to CCH groups and items and also supports customer products, rules and tax overrides. Monthly updates take just a few minutes and eliminate the need to research sales tax data, rates and rules. Once configured, Sales Tax Office works behind the scenes with minimal help from you. A variety of powerful features give you the ability to:

  • Configure the system to meet your individual needs, with options for business entities, business rules, nexus profiles and functional permissions.
  • Stay up-to-date with trusted rate and taxability data from CCH, updated monthly with a simple download
  • Avoid collecting unnecessary taxes by accurately establishing nexus and determining which taxes must be collected; geocoding and spatial analysis based on ship-from, ship-to, order placement and order approval addresses.
  • Make use of line-item level sales tax calculations and multiple ship-from and ship-to combinations in a single invoice.
  • Manage minimum and maximum tax rules and handle complex sales tax calculations that involve tax brackets, tax charts, sales tax data and tiered taxes.
  • Drill down into the transaction details, view liability reports, develop and maintain custom taxes, overrides and originating tax-only credits.
  • Add greater control and compliance for customer exemptions with a full integrated customer exemption management process that includes expiration date tracking, Group and Item (or SKU) exception configuration and import/export capabilities.
  • Customize the system taxability rules and tax rates when you deem necessary, with options such as create custom groups and items, custom exemptions, SKU/Group and item mapping overrides, taxability overrides, tax rate overrides, sourcing/situsing overrides and custom taxes.
  • Simplify the end-of-month reconciliation process by running liability reports based on specified date ranges, audit reports for taxes and exemptions and output files for delivery to CorpSystem® Sales Tax Returns Online.
  • Get an all-states subscription to CCH general merchandise data and a subscription update manager utility, which manages the general taxability data updates.

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In addition to the Sales Tax Office base system, CCH also offers specialized product group and item databases, address validation API and Sales Tax Office Integrations for Microsoft Dynamics®, Oracle® and SAP®.

Perform accurate jurisdictional determination and situsing.
By partnering with CoreLogic Spatial Solutions, CCH has developed a comprehensive database of boundary definitions and tax matrices for state, county, city local and special tax districts. Sales Tax Office provides an accurate foundation for both nexus and sourcing determination, with highly granular boundary data and enhanced coverage of special tax districts for a comprehensive U.S. sales tax solution.

Benefit from seamless end-of-month compliance.
Sales Tax Returns Online lets you save time and eliminate errors by automatically populating your sales and use tax forms, schedules and worksheets with tax information from Sales Tax Office. Review, edit, print, audit and even e-file these signature-ready returns and download Detail Filing Reports to streamline your check request process.

To further improve your sales tax processes, take a look at all of our Sales Tax solutions.

Whatever your sales and use tax requirements, Sales Tax Office can help. Contact us today

Case Study:

 ARGO International Corporation gains control of multiple state sales tax rates and returns
Argo International Corporation “CCH Sales Tax Office and Sales Tax Returns Online certainly save us time, but perhaps even more importantly, we now have the confidence in our data and process. We know that the data in the system is correct, and that we are on top of all changes, whether at the state or parish level. That confidence and peace-of-mind is extremely reassuring.”

— Franz Kistner, Director, Information Technologies, ARGO International Corporation

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