As the industry's leading research platform, IntelliConnect® provides the right tools and instant answers you need to stay ahead of the competition. With the world-class content you rely on right at your fingertips, you will be able to move forward with accuracy and speed.

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The Basics:

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CCH is dedicated to continuously advancing IntelliConnect® to meet the evolving needs of professionals now, and as the industry changes. These newly added features will provide you with the fast answers you need to move forward with accuracy and speed.

CCH provides yet more, new enhancements on IntelliConnect!

The industry's leading research platform has been enhanced with even more features! Here's what's available now:

  • Order Favorites — Organize your Favorites however you choose.
  • Save Specific Sections of Publications as Favorites — Save any part of a publication as a favorite: a document, a chapter, a section. You decide!
  • Save Smart Charts™ to Research Folders — Now, save the Smart Charts you create to your Research Folders. Then keep those Smart Charts for future use or share them with your colleagues using the Shared Research Folders feature.
  • Related Content Opens in a New Window — View related content directly from documents you’ve opened in a new window. This gives you all the related materials you need without having to return to the main screen.
  • Improved  History — We’ve added new search capabilities that now show up to a year’s worth of previous actions, so you can see  exactly where you’ve been on IntelliConnect.
  • Stay Current with the Health Care Reform Library — All relevant health care updates impacting tax rules and legislation, including the Affordable Care Act, are now in one convenient place. Get in-depth information and answers to your questions with special briefings, practice tools, the new Health Care Coverage Locator Smart Chart™ and more.

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The Details:

 Get the tools and instant answers you need to stay ahead of the competition

With IntelliConnect’s user-friendly design, you can search your entire CCH library with one click to quickly and easily find the information you need. You can also:

  • View a searchable, alphabetical list of all publications you subscribe to.
  • Organize your results by document type.
  • Start a search with broad terms and then narrow your search results.
  • Search for citations right from the search bar.
  • Narrow your search with intuitive filters that automatically open after a search, giving you quick access to the content you need.
  • Conduct up to eight searches at once and easily move back and forth between those searches.
  • Narrow results by searching within the search results.
  • Find related content with "Relate" buttons, which link directly from documents to additional information, such as Internal Revenue Code, CCH Explanations, regulations and more.
  • Easily scroll between documents with Next/Previous Document buttons.
  • Select and print any portion of a document in one easy step.

Spend less time looking for information and more time using it. Contact us today — we’ll get you there.

Best Practices Spotlight:


John Sundeman

Expand your Best Practices by: Having the proper, in-depth resources to support those unique, complex issues.

PROBLEM? I had been searching for an answer to a rare tax problem. The problem was one that is seldom come across, so there are not too many ready answers. In other words, you have to dig deep to find the answer. The issue (or question) was how to apply the Unicap rules for mixed service costs to a self-constructed asset. The formula differs based upon complicated issues.

SOLVED: I spent the better part of two (2) days searching CheckPoint, Google, text books, etc. all with no luck. I had not cranked up the IntelliConnect service that I purchased from you, due to believing that the answer would not be found in such an inexpensive service. Boy was I wrong. I cranked up IntelliConnect and on the very first search, the answer appeared. Not only did it appear, it was the number 1 item result of the search. In addition, the result was a bull’s eye. IntelliConnect exactly answered my tax research question.

Kelman & Chan LLP

Expand your Best Practices by: Easily accessing a tax topic that requires further clarification or ensure you are current in the latest tax rulings.

PROBLEM? How to keep informed of the latest IRS rulings and explanation of new tax laws?

SOLVED: IntelliConnect’s coverage of federal and state tax keeps me current with analysis, while the practice tools give me something that I can pass on to my clients with professional results.


 Take a closer look at onsite, on-demand, online and other training options

CCH offers onsite and online training for all levels of professional development, including courses that earn CPE credit. Whether you’re a novice or skilled user, our expert instructors, course content and learning tools offer the tips, tricks and solid explanations you need to transform your work processes.

Available training includes on-demand or online self-study options; Web-based and onsite training; and a variety of seminars and conferences, some at a location near you.



 Learn about our live support options and powerful self-help tools

CCH Support is the best in the business — we’re always here when you need us. To keep your office up and running, we offer helpful tools, as well as a variety of ways to interact with CCH Support.

  • CCH KnowledgeBase — In this online database of CCH software information, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, information on critical known issues, and product documentation.
  • Web ticket — Open a Web ticket online to submit your question directly to customer support.
  • Real-time chat — If you need a quick answer but don’t want to call, live chatting via your Web browser is the way to go.
  • CCH Support Center — Pick up your phone and call us to speak directly to a customer support representative.
  • Remote support — Complicated problem? We can access your computer remotely and view your screen.
  • System requirements — Find out exactly what you need for CCH products to function properly in your office.

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