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When you become a ProSystem fx Scan user, that unorganized box of client receipts, invoices and tax papers that used to give you headaches will lose all of its stress, allowing you to work smarter — and more profitably.

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Explore the features and facets of ProSystem fx® Scan

The Basics:

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Increase the profitability of your tax preparation work.

Using ProSystem fx Scan, any firm employee can easily prepare and scan client source documents. In no time at all, the scanned source documents and 1040 workpapers will be automatically sorted and converted into one comprehensive PDF – organized , bookmarked and ready to seamlessly flow into a 1040 tax return in ProSystem fx® Tax. Your professional time is freed for more productive use.

Eliminate the headaches and hassles of paper files.

ProSystem fx Scan automates the time-consuming tasks of gathering, extracting, organizing and bookmarking tax data from scanned source documents, making it easy to export and populate that data into ProSystem fx® Tax. Your tax preparation process will be easier, more efficient and headache-free.

Benefit from a faster, easier and more productive 1040 process.

Coupled with AutoFlow Technology™ — the process that extracts data from 1040 client source documents to be imported into the return — ProSystem fx Scan, ProSystem fx® Tax, and PDFlyer™ will provide a complete digital 1040 preparation solution for your firm.

Enhance the security and privacy of your clients’ personal information.

Scan lets you convert from bulky, costly, vulnerable paper file storage to inexpensive, recoverable, secure electronic files. You’ll increase your peace of mind knowing clients’ records are organized, accessible and secure.

Enjoy a quick return on investment.

Scan is easy to learn and use; non-professional staff are quickly trained, allowing you to concentrate on value-added services. With the hours you’ll save, you can realize ROI in a very short time.

Are you ready to turn your bulky, costly, vulnerable paper file storage to inexpensive, recoverable, secure electronic files? Contact us today.

The Details:

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AutoFlow Technology™ speeds data import.
Once all source documents are scanned and the PDF file is created, you can store it electronically for later use or take advantage of another built-in feature — AutoFlow Technology.  With AutoFlow, you can extract data from scanned, common 1040 client source documents and import them directly into ProSystem fx Tax. This process lets you:

  • Extract detailed Gain and Loss statement information to a pre-configured spreadsheet for easy reconciliation and import.
  • Facilitate verification of extracted information. Validation steps maintain the integrity of your data.
  • Take advantage of increased form identification accuracy, both for extracted and non-extracted documents.

For even more document control, add PDFlyer™.
Designed to emulate the tax preparation workflow process, PDFlyer is a powerful Acrobat® plug-in that lets you efficiently prepare 1040s using document imaging along with multiple PDF files in a paperless environment. With PDFlyer, you’ll be able to:

  • Simultaneously move pages when the associated bookmark is moved, whether that bookmark contains a single document scan or multiple pages.
  • Merge multiple bookmarked PDF files into a single file, combining the contents of common bookmarks.
  • Use up to five monitors simultaneously.
  • Create and attach digital adding machine tapes.
  • Use a set of CPA-specific tick marks and hyperlinked connectors.

Are you ready to turn your bulky, costly, vulnerable paper file storage to inexpensive, recoverable, secure electronic file storage? Contact us today — we’ll get you there.


 Benefit from integration with other ProSystem fx solutions

Integration with other CCH solutions lets your staff spend less time looking for the information they need and more time getting the job done. The combination of Scan, Tax and PDFlyer™ provides a completely paperless 1040 preparation solution for your firm, taking source documents, document scan and document imaging to a whole new level.

In addition, Scan integration with ProSystem fx® Document (on-premise or in the cloud) allows you to effortlessly store your client source document files and other scanned documents using barcode scanning – ready for instant retrieval. New right-click functionality makes saving scanned files to ProSystem fx Document even easier.

Are you ready to turn your bulky, costly, vulnerable paper file storage to inexpensive, recoverable, secure electronic file storage? Contact us today — we’ll get you there.

Software as a Service:

 Enjoy the added convenience and cost savings of ProSystem fx Scan in the cloud

Scan and AutoFlow — the award-winning 1040 workflow tools that have helped thousands of CPA firms save time and improve efficiency — are now within easy reach thanks to their debut online.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model means:

Cost savings — Because CCH provides the infrastructure for you, your firm doesn’t need to invest in additional servers, and no IT expertise on your part is required. All software updates are done automatically, freeing up your own resources for other value-added work.

Enhanced security — Scan in the cloud protects your data with off-site backups and stringent security standards.

Quick return on investment — Scan in the cloud is easy to implement and easy to use, and training and support are included. With its easy implementation, short learning curve and the hours you’ll save on nonproductive professional time, you can realize ROI very quickly.

With the cloud version of Scan, all you need is a scanner — and the desire to save time and overhead. You’ll enjoy best-in-process performance for years to come. Are you ready to turn your bulky, costly, vulnerable paper file storage to inexpensive, recoverable, secure electronic files? Contact us today.

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Find out how you will be able to leverage your existing technology investment and free your professional staff with THE complete 1040 preparation solution. Developed specifically in response to address a CPA firm's need to prepare 1040s in a paperless office environment, ProSystem fx Scan will take the 1040 data entry tasks previously performed by valuable professionals, and effortlessly leverage software and administrative staff to accomplish them.

AutoFlow Technology™ will additionally extract information from scanned source documents, facilitate the process of verifying its accuracy, and import the data directly into ProSystem fx Tax – automatically. Moreover, the PDFlyer Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in will support your work in an efficient paperless, dual-screen environment.

Sign up today to see how the combination of ProSystem fx Scan, AutoFlow Technology, ProSystem fx Tax and PDFlyer will work together to make your 1040 tax preparation process more productive and cost-effective!

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