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Due to complicated form and tax rate requirements, preparing sales tax returns can be a painful process. But for accounting professionals who use CorpSystem Sales Tax Returns Online, the process is completely pain free.

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The Basics:

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Due to complicated form and tax rate requirements, preparing sales tax returns can be a painful process. But for accounting professionals who use CorpSystem Sales Tax Returns Online, the process is completely pain free.

With this easy-to-use filing solution, you simply upload your month-end tax liability data, and your forms are automatically populated. From there, you can review, edit, print, and even audit your sales tax returns from any computer with an Internet connection — it’s that easy.

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The Details:

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Sales Tax Returns Online accepts files from CorpSystem® Sales Tax Office, CorpSystem® Sales Tax Online or directly from any accounting, point-of-sale or procure-to-pay system. It makes the filing and forms management process easy. And it’s the perfect ending to a CCH-driven sales tax process, automating the most tedious tasks in record time.

  • As soon as you log in, you’re just two clicks away from forms for any reporting period.
  • Based on locations or jurisdictional relationships, the data in the sales and use tax returns are aggregated to a zero dollar format template at the beginning of each filing period.
  • Forms are sorted alphabetically by state and county, then by city and local jurisdictions, with due dates and approval dates included.
  • Addresses are validated for your business locations and nexus records are created for simple sales tax calculations.
  • Sales tax return forms include worksheets and schedules that tie directly to the main form for calculations, including multiple company forms and a blank form option that automatically populates demographic and license information.
  • Review, edit, print and audit signature-ready sales and use tax returns and download Detail Filing Reports to streamline your check request process.

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The Integration:

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Thanks to seamless integration, Sales Tax Office or Sales Tax Online can be used with Sales Tax Returns Online to provide a complete sales and use tax solution. Sales Tax Office or Sales Tax Online calculate sales and use tax, and then Sales Tax Returns Online prepares the returns.

To further improve your sales tax processes, CCH offers a variety of other integrated Sales Tax solutions.

Review, edit, print — it couldn’t be easier. Contact us today

Web Product Demo:

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CCH invites you to find out how CorpSystem Sales Tax Returns Online can automatically populate your tax returns, schedules, and worksheets using your own financial data.

CorpSystem Sales Tax Returns Online is a web-based sales and use tax filing solution enabling you to review, edit, print, and audit returns directly from your desktop, thus eliminating the need to install and maintain expensive software. Signature-ready returns can be printed for filing, while e-filing and e-remittance options are also available. Sales Tax Returns Online provides the convenience of an outsourced solution while maintaining much of the same control you would have using your own proprietary software.

Attend one of our FREE Live Web Demo to learn more about Sales Tax Returns Online's unmatched set of features and capabilities. Learn how to automate even the most tedious task in the filing process These 45-minute sessions cover valuable topics such as:

  • Seamless integration of single or multiple data files
  • File handling capabilities
  • Form approval and history
  • Zero dollar forms
  • Benefits of web compliance solution
  • Location maintenance
  • Filing details reports
  • Embedded forms logic
  • Blank forms
  • Seamless integration with CorpSystem Sales Tax Online, the web-based sales tax calculation solution from CCH

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