1040 Express Answers (2014)

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Find quick answers to individual tax questions with this powerful desktop reference tool from CCH Tax and Accounting. Now available in eBook format - download to your computer instantly.
  • Author(s): CCH Tax Law Editors  
  • Media: Book - Spiral Bound
  • ISBN: 9780808035671
  • Offer Number: 9-4115-501
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  • Author(s): CCH Tax Law Editors  
  • Media: Book - eBook
  • ISBN: 9780808035688
  • Publish Date: 12/11/2013
  • Offer Number: 9-7180-501
  • Material Id: 10024517-0001
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Find quick answers to individual tax questions with this powerful desktop reference tool from CCH Tax and Accounting.

1040 Express Answers is a spiral bound quick-reference guide that will help you and your staff prepare 1040 tax returns quickly, easily and accurately -- with practical, plain-English guidance that makes complex rules and exceptions easy to understand.

You'll benefit from...

  • Form-oriented organization presented the way you work -- line-by-line, right down the return.
  • Plain English guidance, making the complex rules (and exceptions to the rules) easier to understand and apply.
  • New rules and Form changes highlighted, so you can ensure your clients take advantage of New law changes to maximize Tax-saving opportunities and avoid pitfalls.
  • Two-color format, making it it fast and easy to find the information you need.
  • Charts and tables summarizing important concepts, facts and figures to save you time when you need it most.
  • Quick-reference icons which identify Cautions, Examples, Planning Pointers, and Gray Areas to alert you to must-know information.
  • References to U.S. Master Tax Guide paragraphs, where you can find additional information on each topic.

With CCH's 1040 Express Answers, you'll speed through tax season, with concise and reliable answers right at your fingertips!

1040 Express Answers includes one free copy of CCH's bonus Top Federal Tax Issues for 2014 Course, which examines the top new tax issues practitioners will face in the coming year (grading fee additional).

BONUS! CCH's Top Federal Tax Issues for 2014 Course is a helpful resource for practitioners to keep abreast of significant new tax rules and changes. It reassures the tax practitioner that he or she is not missing out on advising clients about a hot, new tax opportunity -- or is not susceptible to being caught unaware by a brewing controversy. It's the top quality tax review and analysis that every practitioner needs to keep a step ahead.

1040 Express Answers (2014) is now available in an eBook format which you can download to your computer instantly.


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1040 Express Answers (2014)

Topics and Content

  • Tab 1 Form 1040
  • Tab 2 Schedules A and B
  • Tab 3 Schedules C, F and SE
  • Tab 4 Schedule D and Form 4797
  • Tab 5 Schedule E: PALs and At-Risk Rules
  • Tab 6 Form 2106
  • Tab 7 Form 4562: Depreciation
  • Tab 8 Cars and Listed Property
  • Tab 9 Social Security and Retirement Planning
  • Tab 10 Tax Credits and AMT
  • Tab 11 Estimated Payments/Penalties/Amended Returns
  • Tab 12 Tax Representation Issues and Filings
  • Tab 13 Family and Education
  • Tab 14 Estate Planning
  • Tab 15 State Tax Information
  • Tab 16 2013 Developments and Planning Tools
  • Tab 17 Tax Tables
  • Tab 18 Index

About the Author(s):

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  • CCH Tax Law Editors represent a highly experienced staff of writers, analysts and editors with professional designations including J.D., LL.M., C.P.A., M.B.A., M.S.A., M.L.S. and E.A.

    This experienced body of tax experts covers the full scope of U.S. Federal and State tax as well as international tax, estate tax, planning issues, accounting and audit standards and all current tax law developments. CCH Tax Law Editors focus on providing expert analysis and customer-driven workflow solutions.


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