Comtax® System

A robust software tool designed to help corporations identify opportunities to minimize tax costs and optimize net profit for cross-border transactions.

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The Basics:

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Grow Your Business with Help from the Comtax® System

  • Optimize a cross-border payment(s) in an international group of companies
  • Locate the best subsidiary location and how to finance a new entity in the group of companies
  • Find a withholding tax rate or a corporate tax rate for a specific jurisdiction

This frequently updated tool includes a comprehensive database that covers:

  • Corporate tax rates
  • Withholding tax rates
  • Tax legislation
  • Future tax rates
  • Tax news

The Details:


With the Comtax® System, you can calculate your cross-border transactions with tax costs taken into account to and from 129 countries/entities worldwide, supported by an extensive reference database. Information is updated on a monthly basis, and is available via the Internet. In connection with the monthly update, a newsletter is published and distributed to you.

  • Calculate with dividend, interest (two types), royalty (three types) and fee (two types) transactions.
  • Calculate with different tax positions, e.g. current loss.
  • Change a rate in the calculation results according to your specific situation.
  • Access a comprehensive database covering more than 400,000 tax rates, which are updated monthly.
  • Calculate an effective corporate tax rate.
  • Easily access structured commentaries per country. The tax library gives you updated information for further research.
  • Complete the analysis with the capital gains tax calculation on the realization of shares.
  • Calculate for up to 10 intermediary countries, including the source and recipient country.
  • And much more!



129 countries covered (click here to see graphic list):


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