Oregon ~ Corporate Income Tax: Single-Sales Factor Apportionment Guaranteed for Certain Investments

Oregon has enacted legislation guaranteeing the application of the single-sales factor method of apportioning income for the purposes of the corporation excise (income) tax to taxpayers who enter into a qualifying investment contract. The legislation authorizes the governor, in consultation with the Director of the Oregon Business Development Department and the Director of the Department of Revenue, to enter into contracts with taxpayers that guarantee single-sales factor apportionment of income for a term of at least five years but not more than 30. The contracts will require a taxpayer to make a capital investment in excess of $150 million within a five-year period, measured from the beginning of the term of the investment contract, and to engage at least 500 new full-time-equivalent employees. A contract may not be entered into before December 14, 2012, or after January 1, 2014.

H.B. 4200a , 2012 Special Session, Laws 2012, effective March 15, 2013

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