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Get Ready for Tax Season
We’re Here to Help You Get Through Tax Season.
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Are you ready for tax season?
Wolters Kluwer is here to help you not just survive, but thrive this tax season.

Discover how our comprehensive, time-saving software solutions, services and resources will help you get through the busy season with less stress, a better work/life balance, and more reasons to grow, manage and protect your firm with the help of Wolters Kluwer.

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Order Supplies and Supplement Staff
Client Organizer and Tax Return Supplies

Supplement Your Staff if Necessary
  • Avoid the stress of being short-handed or dealing with staffing challenges during tax season.
  • Look into CCH® ProSystem fx® Outsource, our on-shore or off-shore outsourcing service.
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Implement Workflow Tools for Maximum Efficiency
Maintain data security when exchanging information with clients.

Increase the profitability of your tax preparation work.

Streamline electronic filing of Form 8879 to save both time and money.

Simplify the process of collecting personal data and tax documentation.
  • CCH® My1040Data is an online tax organizer that makes it easier for your clients to provide their personal information and all tax-return related documentation to you.
  • Read the product information sheet for My1040Data.

Become 20–30% more efficient by easily linking financial statements and tax returns.

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Train Staff to Maximize Productivity
Get new staff ready to use your CCH® ProSystem fx® or CCH Axcess™ software to deliver maximum productivity, right from the start.
Ensure your staff is using the software most efficiently and effectively.
Brush up on critical tax issues and earn mandatory CPE credits before the tax season begins.
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Conduct Tax Research and Protect Your Reputation
Be sure you have the right answers to your tax questions right away, so nothing slows down your work.
  • CCH® IntelliConnect® integrates directly with your tax software, giving you easy access to world-class content.
  • Use CCH® IntelliConnect Browser Search to simultaneously review your CCH IntelliConnect research side-by-side with public search engine results to get more done, faster.

Give your clients quick, reliable answers, even when you’re away from the office.
  • CCH Mobile™ lets you take CCH IntelliConnect with you on your mobile device everywhere you go.

Get ready to address new legislation and associated tax law and regulation changes with integrated tax research tools.
  • Download the FREE Tax News Headlines app for your iPad®/iPhone® or Android™ device to check the top daily federal and state tax headlines.
Case Studies

Using the CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite, JM CPA LLP Tackles Even the Busiest Tax Seasons with Ease and Efficiency

Sullivan and Gannon, LLC Fuel Productivity and Profitability in the Cloud with CCH Axcess™ Tax

Sachetta & Callahan, LLC Uses CCH Axcess™ to Compete with Larger Firms and Stand Out from Competitors

Dewar Meeks + Ekrem PC Solves Global Tax Challenges for International Clients Using CCH Axcess

Integrated Software Solution CCH Axcess™ Allows International CPA Firm with Multiple Offices to Operate as One

Global Mobility Tax, LLP Masters International Taxation with Help from Wolters Kluwer

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See more case studies

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