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CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan

Stop shuffling paper, eliminate time wasted organizing client tax documents, and put an end to high value professionals inputting data.

Use CCH ProSystem fx Scan to Save Time, Increase Efficiencies and Expand Capacity

When you start using CCH ProSystem fx Scan, time spent organizing piles of client source documents and manually entering data becomes a thing of the past. Utilizing Scan allows you and your staff to spend time adding value instead of wasting time organizing documents. We invite you to learn more by clicking on the tabs above.

Spend Less Time Looking for the Information You Need and More Time Getting the Job Done

There are many CCH ProSystem fx Scan benefits, including:

  • Reduce time spent on non-value added tasks.
    • Using CCH ProSystem fx Scan, any firm employee can easily prepare and scan client source documents. In no time at all, the scanned Form 1040 and Form 1041 source documents will be automatically identified and converted into a single PDF workpaper file— organized, bookmarked and ready to efficiently work on-screen with multiple monitors.

  • Increase the profitability of your tax preparation work
    • Boost your firm’s productivity even higher by automating data input into a Form 1040 or Form 1041 tax return in CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax or Global fx.   Your professional time is freed for more productive activities than manually entering data.

  • Enhance the security of your clients’ personal information.
    • Scan lets you convert from bulky, costly, vulnerable paper file storage to inexpensive, recoverable, secure electronic files.  You’ll increase your peace of mind knowing clients’ records are secure.

  • Enjoy improved accessibility with digital files.
    • Having consistently organized and complete digital files allows for quick remote access and the ability to promptly answer client inquiries.

  • Enjoy a quick return on investment.
    • Scan is straightforward to learn and use but we don’t leave it up to you to implement on your own.  Our experienced training staff and eLearning resources will assure you are able to leverage the best practices learned from implementing and working successfully with thousands of firms.

  • Benefit from a more productive end-to-end Form 1040 & Form 1041 process.
    • CCH ProSystem fx Scan, your Wolters Kluwer tax software, and PDFlyer™ will provide a complete digital Form 1040 preparation solution for your firm.
CCH ProSystem fx Scan
Add AutoFlow Technology and PDFlyer for More Time Savings

Here are the two of Scan’s most valuable features:

  • AutoFlow Technology™ speeds data importing - AutoFlow Technology allows you to take Scan to the next level by extracting data during the Scan process and import it directly into CCH Axcess Tax, CCH ProSystem fx Tax or Global fx.  AutoFlow Technology lets you:
    • Extract data from the most common Form 1040 and Form 1041 form families.
    • Extract detailed Gain and Loss statement information to a spreadsheet pre-configured for easy reconciliation and import. Alternatively, AutoFlow will generate a separate PDF file containing the appropriate bookmarked gain and loss sections of brokerage statements, making it simple to quickly attach the required documents to the e-filed return.
    • Facilitate verification of extracted information prior to import, if desired. You can alternately review imported information in the return after import.

  • PDFlyer provides accountant-required functionality - Designed specifically to enhance the digital tax preparation workflow process, PDFlyer is a powerful Acrobat® plug-in that lets you efficiently prepare and review in an increasingly digital world. With PDFlyer, you’ll be able to: 
    • Simultaneously move pages when the associated bookmark is moved, whether that bookmark contains a single page or multiple pages.
    • Merge multiple bookmarked PDF files into a single file, combining the contents of common bookmarks.
    • Create digital adding machine tapes with the ability to indicate the information source using hyperlinked connectors.
    • Use a provided set of CPA-specific tick marks or create your own using our easy-to-use stamp creation tool.
    • Quickly determine the status of particular pages or bookmarks within the PDF file.
    • Work effectively with digital documents received directly from clients and issuers.
CCH ProSystem fx Scan
Technology Tools + Tax Expertise = A Smooth Tax Season

Integration with other Wolters Kluwer solutions lets your staff spend less time looking for the information they need and more time getting the job done:

  • Scan integration with CCH Axcess Document or CCH® ProSystem fx® Document allows you to effortlessly store, instantly retrieve, and effectively work with your client source document files and tax returns.
  • AutoFlow integration with CCH Axcess Workstream allows you to quickly update and track project status in real-time as part of the end-to-end tax preparation workflow.
  • PDFlyer is available for every PDF file your firm works with, making it a powerful tool when utilizing CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.
CCH ProSystem fx Scan
Professional and Client Services
Rest assured, CCH ProSystem fx Scan will help you streamline the data entry and tax preparation process within your firm.  To get the most out of the software, it’s important to prepare everyone on your tax team so that they can use it to its full potential, thereby maximizing your benefits and ROI.  You can ensure both you and your staff are confident using CCH ProSystem fx Scan by undergoing comprehensive training – designed for all levels of experience, including:
Register for a complimentary webinar and experience CCH ProSystem fx Scan and AutoFlow for yourself.
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Learn how CCH ProSystem fx Scan and AutoFlow will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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