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Expertise Made Easy

Confidently make financial reporting and audit decisions with CCH Accounting Research Manager's interpretive guidance and authoritative content.
Expertise Made Easy

Our industry-leading editorial team provides information and organizes content in an intuitive way to make you the expert you need to be.

  • Interpretive guidance written in plain English delivers the information you need to make smart decisions to support your business strategy.
  • Targeted core libraries provide the specific information and solutions you need for your business.
  • Daily updates ensure you have the latest information available.
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Decide with Confidence

Stay ahead of emerging changes with our timely and comprehensive accounting and audit information and tools.

  • Comprehensive topic coverage that links interpretive guidance to the standards helps you understand emerging changes and how they will impact your business.
  • Manage risks by ensuring financial reporting practices are in line with current standards, including: 
  • FASB
  • SEC
  • EITF
  • COSO
  • IASB
  • GASB
  • GAO
  • OMB
Increase Productivity

An intuitive user interface and innovative search functions get you to the right answer faster, dramatically reducing time spent researching without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Leverage the powerful search tool to target the precise information you need.
  • Quickly view full coverage of your topic in one place to ensure nothing has been missed.
  • User-friendly checklists, reports and other practice aids help bring consistent best practices and streamline tasks.
Research Modules

Targeted library providing a comprehensive source of information for accounting professionals who require access to accounting and SEC guidance. Includes FASB, SEC, AICPA and other key authoritative sources.

Provides the most comprehensive source of information to support financial reporting and auditing of public companies. Includes FASB, SEC, AICPA and other key authoritative sources.

The perfect compendium of interpretive and authoritative information for professionals working with or for private corporations. Includes FASB, AICPA, IASB and other key sources.

Provides a comprehensive source of information and tools to manage risks. Includes coverage for internal audits, fraud and forensic accounting.

Targeted library providing a comprehensive source of information focused for accounting professionals.

Specialized library providing a single source of the standards and other key information for audit professionals.

Complete source of government accounting standards including GASB, GAO, Governmental GAAP Guide and more.

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