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Our audit solution cuts up to 20% of the time it takes to complete normal audit engagements.

The cloud-based data extraction and analytics software for accountants that automates and streamlines audit preparation and enables firms to provide value-added services to their clients. Request a demo and see how you can save as much as 40-48 hours per engagement with CCH Audit Accelerator.

CCH Audit Accelerator Improves Your Workflow with the Triple A Effect — Access. Automate. Analyze.

Don't replace the unique service you provide to your clients, enhances them.

Audit efficiency – our software doesn’t cut billable hours it cuts the time spent on manual data preparation so you can focus on higher value consultative work.
Audit quality – CCH Audit Accelerator provides a full data set in standardized report format, enabling a comprehensive analytical review. Accounting data is extracted direct from a client’s accounting package, eradicating any opportunity for human error.
Audit security – CCH Audit Accelerator is ISO 27001 certified and all data is 256 bit AES encrypted for complete security.
Client experience – CCH Audit Accelerator offers a fast and simple solution to what can be a repetitive and painstaking process. Just a few clicks and your client’s full accounting data is visible on your screen in under 10 minutes.

Do what Auditors really do; Understand metrics for your clients!

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“When it comes to audit preparation, with regard to receiving client data, it has always been difficult and time consuming to gather it all and get it into a format ready for testing. Adding the CCH Audit Accelerator and TeamMate Analytics solutions to our audit workflow has changed our world, though. What use to take as much as 180 hours in years past now takes as little as 1-hour. That is an amazing amount of time saved. With it, our auditors can now deliver deeper insights to the client, thus enhancing the client’s experience. We are looking forward to moving toward “continuous auditing” throughout the entire year.”

Muhammad Hussain, Senior Audit Manager,
EOS Accountants LLP

BEFORE: Without CCH Audit Accelerator You Go through 10 Days+ Worth of...

CCH Audit Accelerator


Manual labor intensive and time consuming request for information process for auditors and their clients.


Manual formating of data in varying forms detract from higher value work and risks data quality.


Manual creation of financial reports and workpapers drive additional resource inefficiencies.

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NOW: Experience a Whole New World with CCH Audit Accelerator and, Depending on the Size of the Audit, Gain as much as 40-48 Hours per Engagement...

With CCH Audit AcceleratorEXTRACT

At the touch of a button, CCH Audit Accelerator connects directly to your client’s accounting application and extracts an exact copy of their data.


CCH Audit Accelerator then interrogates the data for accuracy and produces standardized reports, allowing you to directly populate your spreadsheet or other systems.


In just minutes, you have access to an unedited complete view of their financials for examination.

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CCH Audit Accelerator — Same Award-Winning Solution Across the Globe! Congratulations, ValidisAward

The Data Journey

1. Account Activation

Both you and your client sign up via a simple web portal.

2. Client Verification

Client authorizes data access and automated data transmission begins.

3. Data Interrogation

CCH Audit Accelerator drills down into the data set checking for anomalies and errors.

4. Standardized Reports

Provides over 80% of the working papers necessary for engagements, pre-mapped and delivered to you, complete with drill-down functionality.

5. Full Data Set Analysis

Download reports instantly from the online portal for comprehensive analysis.

6. Online Access Anytime

Cloud-based technology means you can access data anytime and anywhere.

This technology connects directly to your client’s accounting application and extracts and encrypts their entire transactional history in just minutes. Click here to view the fact sheet.

There are significant time savings when you have access to your client data and the workpapers are automatically created for you on the first day of the engagement. Find out how much time you will save!

See the future of auditing in action.
CCH Audit Accelerator Instantly Provides You with Standardized Reports
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Aged Receivables Report
  • Receivables Movement Report                               
  • Aged Payables Report
  • Full General Ledger Report
  • Full Journal Entries Report
  • Full Transactional History
  • Double Entry Level Drill Down Functionality 
Analyze your team's workflow with digital dashboards.

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