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The Evolution of Auditing

Legacy systems are leaving firms exposed to costly errors and inefficiencies, and so the future of auditing demands an evolution — a different kind of solution. Firms need to know that they are doing what’s expected and needs to be done, that they are covering the standards and that they are remaining competitive while becoming more profitable. That vision can be accomplished by leaving the checklist approach in the past and putting control back in the hands of the auditor. It's time to start seeing audits differently.

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Change Your Perspective

Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach takes a new perspective on auditing. This revolutionary system is designed to break from the “checklist mentality,” where continually following predefined steps ends up discouraging auditors from thinking critically. Instead, the Integrated Audit Approach produces higher quality audits and improves efficiency through dynamic, iterative processes and tools that encourage auditor judgment and continual learning. With this approach, firms are realizing they can do more with the same — or even fewer — resources.

Compliance Meets Productivity

Dynamic Feedback & Coaching
Fast-changing legislation makes it hard to stay knowledgeable about the latest compliance issues. Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach minimizes oversights and manages completion with real-time alerts and diagnostics. And with "answer effects" that explain the impact of certain actions, users can see the big picture, helping them develop as auditors.

A More Efficient Audit
Save hours per audit thanks to a single roll-forward and update process, automatic linking of the financial statement to the trial balance and industry-specific audit templates.

An Iterative, Auditor-Led Process

It’s hard to proactively offer advice for your clients when you find yourself spending too much time on low-end work. The iterative design of the Integrated Audit Approach cuts down on non-value added activities by instantly updating data throughout all workpapers without having to re-run reports, allowing you to get back to the investigative work of auditing. 

The system identifies unnecessary steps and potentially unaddressed risk, but leaves the auditor in control of the audit. The goal is to help you make informed decisions, not to make decisions for you — a philosophically unique approach versus other audit solutions.


The Integrated Audit Approach is an end-to-end audit system, comprised of three of the industry's most-trusted solutions working seamlessly together. Switching back and forth between multiple programs is now a thing of the past!

  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement
    K2 Quality Award for Audit Technology — Multi-Year Winner
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach
    Fully peer reviewed; K2 Quality Award for Audit Technology — Multi-Year Winner
  • CCH® Accounting Research Manager®
    CPA Practice Advisor's Reader's Choice Award, Tax & Accounting Research System, 2015 — Finalist
Knowledge-Based Audit Titles for CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach 

Your Toolkit for an Exceptional Audit Workflow

The Knowledge-Based Audit (KBA) Titles provide the industry-specific content that fuels the interactive processes used by the Integrated Audit Approach. The technology and content come together in a step-by-step process that facilitates an auditor’s thinking as he or she works through an audit. Each KBA Title has passed voluntary review by the AICPA, and is complemented by a full industry-specific KBA Guide on CCH® Accounting Research Manager. 

  • Tools and Guides
  • CIRA*
  • Commercial*
  • Construction*
  • Dealerships*
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • NEW! Examinations of Service Organizations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Governmental
  • Health Care 
  • Health Care
  • HUD Programs
  • International
  • Non-Traditional Engagements
  • Not-for-Profit*
  • Preparations, Compilations & Reviews
  • Real Estate*
  • Single Audits
  • US GAAP Financial Statement Disclosure Examples 

*Available as both Knowledge-Based Audit Titles and new Knowledge-Based Preparation, Compilation and Review Titles!

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