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CCH® ProSystem fx® ActiveData

Easily detect errors and mitigate risks.

Audit fraud detection can be time-consuming and highly susceptible to errors when done manually. However, when you use CCH ProSystem fx ActiveData to extract data, detect fraud and analyze data, it becomes a high-speed, automated process that locates at-risk data quickly and efficiently. And it’s easy to install and use, too.

Audit fraud detection and audit data analysis right out of the box.

CCH ProSystem fx ActiveData is available from an additional pull-down menu within Microsoft® Excel® and can immediately extract data and provide analysis for up to a million rows of data.

In the past, when you’ve purchased new software for your business, you’ve probably gone through a steep learning curve before it’s up and running. But that’s not the case with CCH ProSystem fx ActiveData — users typically put it to work from day one.

With CCH ProSystem fx ActiveData, you’ll be able to adopt a consistent methodology for identifying high-risk data based on impact and likelihood for error, making it easier to detect errors and mitigate their risks. Seventy timesaving functions simplify everything from sampling to sophisticated audit fraud detection. Some examples include: 

  • Manipulate data, perform complex calculations and manage Microsoft® Excel® workbooks and files
  • Merge, match and compare sheets
  • Query, tag and select rows
  • Sort, summarize, sub-total, split, sample and stratify data
  • Analyze duplicates and detect gaps in sequenced items such as check and invoice numbers
  • Perform top and bottom performance analysis
  • Highlight rows with certain criteria and extract those values, which helps find values that seem improper
  • Simplify queries in Excel®
  • Publish reports in Excel®

When you combine CCH ProSystem fx ActiveData with other products in the CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite, your workflow will be transformed into a powerful, streamlined audit process:

  • In just a few clicks, you can import CCH ProSystem fx ActiveData client data into CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, where you can store all of the information you need for an audit in digital binder.
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach, with its extensive library of industry-specific Knowledge-Based Audit™ titles, guides you through an entire audit from planning to completion to final sign-off.
  • CCH® Accounting Research Manager® gives auditors an instant pathway to any information they may need at any stage of an audit engagement.
Professional and Client Services — Training and Consulting

Learn how to manipulate and analyze accounting and financial data within Microsoft® Excel using Computer Aided Auditing Technology (CAAT) by utilizing ActiveData's more than 70 functions that add value and save time when performing complex functions and analysis. Sample data provided. Course includes hands on computer training.

CCH ProSystem fx ActiveData Training and Consulting

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