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CCH® ProSystem fx® Document

Minimize the costs associated with managing paper documents.

Have you ever shuffled through papers on a co-worker’s desk to locate an important file? Or worse yet, have you ever looked for a file for hours but never found it? With a traditional file room, these issues will never go away. But when you implement CCH ProSystem fx Document, they’ll be a distant memory. Document stores all of your firm’s papers in digital files that can be found with just a few clicks.

With all of your documents in a central repository — including tax returns, client correspondence, employee records and email messages — you’ll be able to help your clients in record time.

Storing files in one centrally located, organized digital repository will save your firm significant time when searching for files previously stored in multiple locations.

In addition to effortless searching, Document also lets you:

  • Customize the configuration and layout of your Document homepage to support the workflow processes in your firm.
  • Search by client name or ID, file name or key file properties such as assigned classes and subclasses or keyword, so file retrieval is quick and easy.
  • Electronically file your returns and store them for the appropriate time periods based on the firm’s record retention policy and mark them for automatic destruction upon expiration.
  • Reduce risks related to hard drive crashes or laptop thefts by storing emails outside of the standard, archived email folder.
  • Quickly access many key functions to help you organize, manage and maintain your documents, including lock, check-out, check-in, version history, direct editing, discussions and overdue check-out notification.
  • Integrate with other CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite products and Microsoft® Office®.

CCH ProSystem fx Document is an on-premise solution, but if you are interested in working in the cloud, consider CCH Axcess™ Document – the document management module of CCH Axcess™. 

CCH Axcess Document helps you digitally organize and manage the full range of documents found in your firm — from tax returns to client correspondence, employee records and email. With your files centralized in a single, searchable database it's fast and easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Professional and Client Services — Training and Consulting

Learn more about CCH ProSystem fx Document’s training and consulting program.

CCH ProSystem fx Document’s training and consulting