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Winner of the 2016 K2 Quality Award for Audit Technology
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A Central Hub for All Engagements
There's a reason CCH ProSystem fx Engagement is the #1 solution of its kind — it's versatile enough for any firm. Whether you do business tax returns, audits or both, Engagement can help your firm improve engagement efficiency by as much as 40%. Combining three tools in one solution, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement will serve as the central hub for all your engagements!

  1. Workpaper Manager
  2. Organize and store any electronic document in binders, importing and exporting directly from Microsoft® Office applications
  3. Trial Balance Manager
  4. Flow data from the trial balance, automating financial statements and tax returns
  5. Workflow Tool
  6. Manage the progress of engagements from creation to sign-off
Paperless Engagement Management

Put the power of paperless in your hands. Access your files from anywhere with an internet connection and streamline every step from setup to sign off and finalization. Then rollover only what you need with flexible roll-forward features for even greater efficiency in years two and beyond!

  • Ensure data integrity and eliminate conflicting copies with the ability to syncronize binders from anywhere, check out binders and lock them down when complete
  • Stay organized with a binder setup that mimics your everyday workflow and uses a familiar, Microsoft®-style interface
  • Spend less time looking for files with advanced features that allow you to search for documents by title or by their contents
Garrett Wagner Testimonial
Automate the Trial Balance

The trial balance functionality is where CCH ProSystem fx Engagement shines, and where firms see the biggest gains in efficiency. By automating the dissemination of data from the trial balance to workpapers, you ensure data is correct throughout the engagement, even if changes are made to the trial balance after workpapers are generated.

  • Automatically flow data from the trial balance to workpapers — automate lead schedules, reports, worksheets, financial statements, even tax returns
  • Links from workpapers back to the trial balance allow you to trace back to the data source with just a click (great for partner or peer review!)
  • A 'Trial Balance Snapshot' makes it easy to identify ungrouped accounts, out of balance journal entries and other important information at a glance
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Increase Productivity

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement is truly an end-to-end workflow tool, allowing you to monitor and control the progress of any engagement from start to finish, whether audit or tax. 

  • Improve collaboration with team members by allowing multiple staff to work on an engagement at once, and offering tools that make it easy to add and address review comments
  • Electronically manage sign off, finalization and binder lock-down to stay in compliance with reporting rules
  • Seamless integration with tax and audit workflow tools, including the industry's only truly integrated audit process with Wolters Kluwer's Integrated Audit Approach, of which Engagement is the foundation
Hours spent working with your client to get PBC documents just got easier with Engagement Organizer.
Integration & Related Solutions

The industry's most advanced audit system, the Integrated Audit Approach puts audits back in the hands of the auditor. 

Learn about the complete suite of seamlessly integrated CCH ProSystem fx solutions, including: 

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement integrates with Wolters Kluwer's powerful research solutions — answers to your questions are never more than a few clicks away!

Improve your financial reporting process with automation and collaboration. 

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement isn't just for audits — organize your tax documents and automaticaly generate tax returns!

Bring paperless engagements to your firm!

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