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CCH® ProSystem fx® PDFlyer

Reach a new level of productivity with your digital audit preparation system.

During busy season, professional staff time is at a premium. Leverage the latest technology with CCH ProSystem fx PDFlyer. Designed to facilitate the audit preparation workflow process, this unique tool is a powerful Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that lets you efficiently prepare audits using multiple PDF files in a paperless environment.

CCH ProSystem fx PDFlyer is a time-saving tool that lets you:

  • Simultaneously move pages when the associated bookmark is moved, whether that bookmark contains a single page or multiple pages. A feature not found in Acrobat®, this assures that pages are always in the same order as their associated bookmarks.
  • Effectively work on up to five monitors at the same time.
  • Title documents quickly and easily, allowing you to efficiently move between multiple open PDF documents.
  • Rotate pages at the touch of a button. Unlike standard Acrobat® functionality, the pages retain their new orientation when the file is saved.

CCH ProSystem fx PDFlyer allows you to customize Adobe® Acrobat® with user-friendly features, including:

  • File Merging Capabilities — Combine multiple bookmarked PDF files into a single file, merging the contents of common bookmarks.
  • The Calculator — Create and attach digital adding machine tapes.
  • Tickmarks — Add workpaper consistency with CPA-specific tickmarks. Plus, new CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement tickmarks give Engagement users the ability to markup PDF files consistent with Word and Excel® documents.
  • Hyper-Linked Connectors — Quickly reference common items within a document and effortlessly move back and forth between them.
  • Status Stamp — Easily include sign-offs to a document. Status Stamp functionality allows you to insert a stamp containing user-defined text, as well as the current date and time. You also have the option of color coding the edge of the page and its associated bookmark if desired. This functionality lets you know at a glance that a particular page or group of pages have been worked on or reviewed, and by whom.
  • User Stamps — Create custom stamps with any image that can be opened in Acrobat®

As part of our Accounting and Audit suite, ProSystem fx PDFlyer works in conjunction with several other products to help provide a seamless workflow and proficient audit management system. When used together, these tools break down access barriers and drive higher levels of convenience and efficiency across all aspects of your work.

  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement — Streamline your processes at all stages of an engagement, with integrated workflow features for project tracking, reporting, review and sign-off, and archiving.
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach — Coaches you through compliance with the complex standards accurately and efficiently.
  • CCH® Accounting Research Manager® — This unparalleled research database arms auditors with an instant pathway to whatever information they may need. You can easily access accounting, auditing, governmental, international, and SEC standards, as well as expert interpretations.
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® ActiveData — Automate a full complement of audit processes directly within Microsoft® Excel® with this powerful data extraction and analysis tool.
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Document — Launch Engagement from within Document and securely store archived engagement binders for assigned retention periods
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