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CCH® ClientRelate

An innovative productivity tool for accounting firms that integrates the strength of CCH® IntelliConnect® with the power of CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.

CCH ClientRelate is an innovative productivity tool that integrates with your daily workflow in a variety of ways. It helps your clients by automatically alerting you to new tax developments and quickly identifying the affected clients. It also points out which clients may benefit from specific services. For your firm, it points out new client service areas and opportunities you may want to add to your practice.

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Key Features

Strengthen your practice by using features that give you:

  • Intuitive search functions.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Tools to complete the process.

ClientRelate gives you the expert analytical research support and professionally developed tools that will drastically improve your efficiency and complete your client services. You’ll discover that it easily integrates into your daily workflow:

  • Review Tracker News to stay abreast of ClientRelate releases.
  • Determine whether new ClientRelate Bulletins or Services may be applicable to your clients.
  • Simplify year-end tax planning by using the annual year-end tax planning bulletins, including client letters.
  • Mark your modifications to the search, if any, on the Search Customization sheet.
  • Run search, making modifications as indicated on the Search Customization sheet and print Results List.
  • Review Results List and delete clients as necessary (e.g., no longer a client of the firm).
  • Review client letter and modify if you wish.
  • Create letters using Microsoft® Word mail or email merge.
  • Perform selected Service by following ClientRelate's step-by-step guidelines and using pre-prepared practice aids.

ClientRelate streamlines your firm's tax planning and client communication workflow and helps you take more effective advantage of your resources. You’ll save time and money, generate revenue, and focus on the most important element of your practice — your clients.

Perform three types of searches that provide you with fast answers to your clients' tax questions:

  1. Search by Tax Bulletin — Bulletins offer you timely coverage of new developments in federal and state tax law.
    • Looks across your entire client base to see which clients are impacted by specific developments.
    • Search results highlight the new tax development, point out the follow-up actions required and indicate taxpayers that may be affected.
    • The client letter tool communicates new developments in non-technical language so you can quickly mail or email your clients.
  2. Search by Service — This search feature checks your entire client base to see which clients might benefit from specific services or engagements and provides comprehensive analysis of step-by-step procedures for tax planning engagements.
    • Provides a detailed explanation of the tax law behind the service so that you have a better basis for providing the service to your clients.
    • Details the actions required to provide the service so that junior staff can perform the service with less supervision.
    • Offers downloadable tools that shorten the time required to complete the service. These include sample spreadsheets, checklists, questionnaires and filled-in forms.
  3. Search by Client — Determine which services or bulletins might be most beneficial to a particular client.
    • Generate a list of clients that could be impacted by new tax developments or benefit from tax planning strategies.
    • Use the ClientRelate wizard from any bulletin or service to initiate a search against your database of federal and state tax returns in ProSystem fx® Tax.
    • At the conclusion of your search, you’ll be presented with a list of targeted clients.

Powerful tools within ClientRelate complete the process.

  • Client Letters — Once you get your results, you can easily send out client letters with the mail merge tool. The client letters within ClientRelate are pre-formatted to work with Microsoft® Word mail merge or email merge functionality, so you can easily communicate important issues with your clients. The process is easy:
    • Review and personalize the letter.
    • Verify that all the clients on the results list should receive the letter.
    • Click on the Merge to a New Document icon to produce a personalized letter for each client.
    • The integration with your CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax preparation software continues as the client contact information is extracted from your tax preparation client files.
  • Spreadsheets — Most ClientRelate services and some bulletins contain downloadable spreadsheet files that assist you in performing calculations for your clients. These spreadsheets are built and tested by our editors, so that you can save time in performing the service or communicating the impact of a new law.
  • Assumptions — Most spreadsheets have a data collection page for you to enter the relevant data.
  • Client Ready Output — The spreadsheets contain a customer presentation page, formatted with a professional look.
  • Filled-In Forms — When a form that is not used frequently is required, ClientRelate provides sample filled-in forms and supporting statements to provide guidance.

Formats available/update frequency:

  • CCH® IntelliConnect®: Updated weekly.
Training and Consulting

Learn how ClientRelate helps enhance your client relationships by quickly and efficiently analyzing the client information stored in your CCH ProSystem fx Tax data. Review your current processes and take away suggested implementation procedures and policies for managing your resources and integrating ClientRelate into your daily workflow.

Course Objectives

  • Identify specific clients affected by new tax law developments
  • Pinpoint clients who may benefit from additional services
  • Identify new service areas to introduce into your practice and to your clients
  • Understand and perform searches by Tax bulletin, Tax Service and Client

Who Should Attend?

  • Partners/Principals, Tax Managers, Marketing Staff & Tax Administrative Staff

Program Information

  • Program Level: Basic
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advanced Preparation: None
  • Read Policies

Recommended CPE

  • By request only
  • $55 per CPE certificate requested
  • Specialized Knowledge & Application - 1 credit

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  • Web-based
  • Complimentary, Multi-client Training (MTS)
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Designed to ensure a smooth implementation of ClientRelate into your current workflow, our consultants will guide your firm’s implementations leaders through important decisions necessary to ensure ClientRelate is used to its full potential. You will also learn how to turn client information into increased revenue by alerting you to new tax law developments and identify affected clients and new service areas.

Course Objectives

  • Assess firm implementation goals for the various aspects of the ClientRelate workflow
  • Provide solutions to manage resources and integrate ClientRelate into the daily workflow
  • Review current workflow areas and suggest implementation procedure and policy
  • Recommend steps and processes to create value within the firm by helping to communicate timely issues and enhance client relationships
  • Review growth opportunities for the practice within ClientRelate

Who Should Attend?

  • ClientRelate Champions Team

Program Information

  • Program Level: Basic
  • Prerequisites: Introduction to CCH IntelliConnect
  • Advanced Preparation: None
  • Read Policies

Recommended CPE

  • CPE certificate(s) included
  • Up to 15 (1-on-1)
  • Taxes - 3 credits

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  • Single-client Training (1-on-1)

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