CCH Axcess™

Represents the profession’s first single-access, modular cloud solution to support every area of firm operations for streamlined efficiency firmwide.

CCH Axcess is at the center of the Firm in Motion, providing the power to help you address your biggest challenges—better serving clients, effectively managing the business, and mitigating risk to protect your biggest asset … your reputation.

The profession’s first modular cloud-based tax solution — powered by a central, single-access database — CCH Axcess keeps busy CPA firms operating at maximum efficiency.

Key Features

Working within a fully integrated, online environment enables firm leaders to:

  • Accelerate growth

    via extreme efficiency gains that support higher billable, sophisticated client services.
  • Enhance management

    by standardizing workflow processes and simplifying data management.
  • Protect their reputation

    by remaining compliant with ever-changing regulations.

With its dynamic environment and anytime, anywhere access, users can provide stronger client service, complete work in less time and focus on higher value tasks that directly impact the bottom line.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It


Find your power and tackle your challenges with CCH Axcess.

From a single solution, firm leaders can use CCH Axcess' integrated core as a single point of access to handle all tasks associated with tax preparation, compliance and workflow processes.

Five powerful modules combine to make the CCH Axcess solution.CCH Axcess Diagram



I need to grow my business and strengthen client relationships.


With the technology that CCH Axcess leverages, you’re able to meet the expectations of your clients with ease, giving them real-time responses and access to their documents and data at any time and from any device. Grow your firm with CCH Axcess and discover how to:

  • Be responsive and proactive by offering 24/7 client access.
  • Work in real-time with your clients by using a cloud-based client service platform.
  • Complete more client work in less time — and with fewer resources — with seamlessly integrated tools.
  • Reduce inefficiencies to allow more time for higher-value planning and advisory work.


I need to streamline processes and manage my firm more effectively.


A highly efficient internal system that delivers services effectively is possible with CCH Axcess. The fully integrated solution operates through one centralized database, offering a seamless flow of data between modules. Manage your firm with CCH Axcess and discover how to:

  • Adopt a completely cloud-based, integrated solution that puts you in control of your firm’s processes.
  • Standardize workflows to create consistency throughout projects.
  • Monitor project status, create custom reports and map processes with intuitive practice management functionality.
  • Store documents digitally within a central repository for fast and easy retrieval of files — exceeding client expectations.

With [CCH Axcess], we are now able to complete twice as much work with just four full-time and two part-time staff. CCH helps us still deliver a 'wow' factor to our clients.
— Kevin Krueger, founder of Krueger & Associates, P.A., Tampa, FL


I need better tools to help protect my firm's reputation, stay compliant and manage risk.


CCH Axcess ensures you have the accurate and up-to-date content your firm needs to maintain compliance and stay informed on changing tax laws, as well as the secure technology needed to safely store and deliver sensitive data. CCH Axcess will enable you to:

  • Stay informed by providing you with reliable and current U.S. and international tax and accounting rules and regulatory information, news and analysis.
  • Ensure work is accurate and compliant before e-filing.
  • Stay current with a comprehensive selection of updated forms.
  • Share sensitive information with clients safely with encryption, password protection and built-in security.

"With CCH software, I have the extra confidence that income tax returns will include complete and up-to-date tax laws for all types of returns and for all states affected. We as CPAs still need to know the law to prepare a return correctly, but CCH diagnostics and other system aids really assist a tax preparer in the preparation of the returns."
— Nancy Greer, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, The Planning Center, Moline, IL

CCH Axcess Modules
CCH Axcess™ Document

Achieve centralized document management in the cloud.

CCH Axcess™ Portal

Mitigate risk, support client privacy and gain a competitive edge by delivering better client service.

CCH Axcess™ Practice

Maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work.

CCH Axcess™ Tax

An intelligent tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution specifically built for the cloud.

CCH Axcess™ Workstream

Increase your profitability with a full-featured solution designed to efficiently manage all of your deliverables.


Hear what customers are saying about their experiences with the CCH Axcess product!

"To me, it's the Cadillac — it's the best of the best."
— Toni Anne Rocker, CPA, PLLC, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Once you use CCH Axcess Tax, Document, Portal, Workstream and Practice together and see the synergy they create, you are not going to look back."
— Krueger & Associates, P.A., Tampa, Florida

"I now wow my clients by answering their tax questions wherever I am.
— Curtis P. Patalano, CPA, LLC, Franklin, Massachusetts

"We’ve used CCH Axcess for over two years now and, overall, we are very pleased with the increased efficiencies and productivity it’s helped our firm reach."
— Kolbrenner & Alexander, Greenwich, Connecticut

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Training and consulting is offered for each CCH Axcess module, allow firm staff and administrator to get the most of out their training experience.

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