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Building Relationships to Fuel Growth

Firms require technology to meet the heightened expectations of today’s clients. Clients want access to their documents and data at any time and from any device. They also want real-time response and the ability to collaborate with their trusted advisor online at their convenience. CCH Axcess provides the foundation for firms to offer this level of service. The solution’s advanced services platform opens the door to strengthening existing client relationships and attracting new prospects by:

  • Elevating communication
  • Supporting a collaborative working relationship
  • Accelerating delivery of work and offering valuable add-on services
Streamlining Processes for Effective Firmwide Management

Firm leaders can’t begin to provide advanced client services until they first develop a highly efficient internal system to deliver services effectively. CCH Axcess simplifies firm processes by offering a completely integrated software solution that operates on top of a single, centralized database. This means that data seamlessly flows between applications, eliminating manual data entry at any point. Elevating efficiency of firm processes to unprecedented levels is possible with CCH Axcess — allowing firms to:

  • Take control of workflow
  • Keep projects moving
  • Manage all data and documents with ease
Managing Risk to Protect Your Firm’s Reputation

You are so much more to your clients than just a tax preparer. You are their trusted advisor — promising pinpoint accuracy in tax work and offering sound, informed advice throughout the year to keep clients on a healthy financial course. As such, you require powerful software to keep current on changing tax laws and maintain compliance across the board. CCH Axcess puts world-class tax guidance at your fingertips and supports you with sophisticated security features to protect your clients' information and your reputation. Contact us today to learn more >

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End-to-End Digital Tax Workflow

Future-ready firms understand that a complete Digital Tax Workflow isn't an option anymore, it's a requirement. Let us help you automate every step from obtaining client source documents and information, to digitally sending the completed tax return to the client along with an invoice. View our Digital Tax Workflow brochure here, or visit CCHGroup.com/DigitalTaxWorkflow and click on the contact us today button and your dedicated Solutions Consultant will soon share tax workflow insights and complimentary demos on how to get your firm ready for the future!

Integrated Modules

An intelligent tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution specifically built for the cloud.

Achieve centralized document management in the cloud.

Mitigate risk, support client privacy and gain a competitive edge by delivering better client service.

Maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work.

Increase your profitability with a full-featured solution designed to efficiently manage all of your deliverables.


With its dynamic environment and anytime, anywhere access, users can provide stronger client service, complete work in less time and focus on higher value tasks that directly impact the bottom line. Don't just take our word for it! See our client testimonial videos >

Open Integration Platform

The Open Integration Platform allows customers and vendors alike to seamlessly integrate their applications and custom solutions with Wolters Kluwer’s cloud platform.

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Case Studies
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See more case studies

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