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A foundational product for creating an end to end digital tax workflow.

Achieve centralized document management in the cloud.

Document Storage and Retention

CCH Axcess Document offers a feature-rich document management solution that electronically organizes and stores all types of client documents and firm communications within a familiar structure to support a true paperless work environment. Comply with regulations and standards, all in the background of your day-to-day work, and provide your firm with:

  • Automated document retention capability that lets you implement a consistent firmwide retention policy.
  • Secure, remote, 24/7 access to your client files.

With your files centralized in a single, searchable database it's fast and easy to find what you need, when you need it. See for yourself how this all works by registering for a complimentary demonstration of Document today!

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CPA Practice Advisor Gives Document a 5 Star Rating!

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Customization to Support the Way You Work Every Day

CCH Axcess Document helps you digitally organize and manage the full range of documents found in your firm — from tax returns to client correspondence, employee records and email. Start by effortlessly configuring a display of one to six panels. Select how you want the panels organized, and even choose to make the search screen your homepage. With streamlined document management, you’ll realize the following benefits:

  • Lower costs — Less need for copy machines and supplies, and storage space for filing cabinets means reduced operational savings.
  • Better collaboration — Version control and collaboration features ensure everyone has access to the most recent version of a document, eliminating mistakes and increasing accuracy.
  • Compliance and risk mitigation — CCH Axcess Document retention and audit trail functionality helps you comply with rules and regulations, avoiding litigation and penalties.
  • Disaster preparedness — Electronic files are easier to back up and store off-site for access in case of disaster (fire, flood, etc.).

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Award-Winning Cloud Productivity

Because CCH Axcess Document resides on Wolters Kluwer servers in our secure Class 4 data center, your firm will not need to invest in additional hardware or IT resources.

  • Secure file encryption — Files are encrypted immediately upon upload to CCH Axcess Document and remain encrypted even when not being accessed or while being passed over the Internet.
  • Electronic filing and storage — Search by client name or ID, file name or key file properties such as assigned classes and subclasses or keyword, so file retrieval is quick and easy.
  • Automated retention policy management capabilities — Ensure accuracy and compliance with file retention and destruction policies (including email).
  • Password-protected access — CCH Axcess Document utilizes 256-bit, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with password protected access.
  • Automatic virus scan — For added protection, files are automatically scanned for viruses before being stored in the document file system.

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With CCH Axcess Document, you'll spend less time organizing, managing and searching for documents, leaving more time for billable activity and providing a healthier work-life balance for you and your staff.

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End-to-End Digital Tax Workflow

Digital Tax Workflow

Future-ready firms understand that a complete Digital Tax Workflow isn't an option anymore, it's a requirement. Let us help you automate every step from obtaining client source documents and information, to digitally sending the completed tax return to the client along with an invoice. 

View our Digital Tax Workflow brochure here, or visit CCHGroup.com/DigitalTaxWorkflow and click on the contact us today button and your dedicated Solutions Consultant will soon share tax workflow insights and complimentary demos on how to get your firm ready for the future!

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Integrated Modules

The Profession's first modular cloud-based tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution.

An intelligent tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution specifically built for the cloud.

Mitigate risk, support client privacy and gain a competitive edge by delivering better client service.

Maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work.

Increase your profitability with a full-featured solution designed to efficiently manage all of your deliverables.

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