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Detailed project information is right at your fingertips, for you and your office.

Customization to Support the Way You Work Every Day

CCH Axcess Workstream features work-tracking and project management components to monitor due dates, manage projects — no matter how simple or complex — and map processes into standardized steps to ensure consistency. With Workstream, you'll benefit from the following features:

  • Detailed project information — Easily track critical deadlines to ensure assignments are completed on time.
  • Easy to read dashboards — Reduce non-billable time and quickly identify inefficiencies using clear dashboard layouts.
  • Customizable workflows — Keep firm projects moving with digital route sheets tailored to your business.
  • Automatic notifications and alerts — Keep projects moving forward and effortlessly stay on top of project status changes and monitor project review notifications at a glance.

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Best-in-Process Project Management

CCH Axcess Workstream gives you the tools you need to stay on top of all the projects moving through your firm — so you can spend more time producing and less time on managing administrative tasks. Implement the tools you need to manage administrative workflow using:

  • Detailed project information.
  • Customizable dashboards.
  • Automatic notifications and alerts.

CCH Axcess Workstream goes well beyond meeting your firm’s basic project tracking needs by providing a full-featured solution designed to efficiently manage all of your deliverables. See for yourself how this all works by registering for a complimentary demonstration of CCH Axcess Workstream today!

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Award-Winning Cloud Productivity

Because CCH Axcess Workstream resides on Wolters Kluwer servers in our secure Class 4 data center, your firm will not need to invest in additional hardware or IT resources.

  • Data integrity — A single integrated database ensures all information is accurate, complete and consistent.
  • Staff productivity — Centralized information streamlines processes and is summarized on easy-to-understand dashboards. The dashboards, along with the centralized reporting module, provide firm metrics and a clear line of sight into the firm’s performance.
  • Quality of life — 24/7 anytime, anywhere access helps provide work/life balance; attract progressive, quality staff; enable seasonal staffing; and improve mobility.
  • Firm growth and profitability — Your firm can add new functionality, rapidly, without the need for new IT infrastructure. The Firm Administration Manager centralizes staff management so firm administrators can handle seasonal staffing changes quickly and easily.
  • Information security — Business continuity is achieved through a highly secure and survivable IT infrastructure maintained by Wolters Kluwer and our technology partners.

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With CCH Axcess Workstream, you'll spend less time organizing, managing and searching for documents, leaving more time for billable activity and providing a healthier work/life balance for you and your staff.

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End-to-End Digital Tax Workflow

Digital Tax Workflow

Future-ready firms understand that a complete Digital Tax Workflow isn't an option anymore, it's a requirement. Let us help you automate every step from obtaining client source documents and information, to digitally sending the completed tax return to the client along with an invoice. 

View our Digital Tax Workflow brochure here, or visit CCHGroup.com/DigitalTaxWorkflow and click on the contact us today button and your dedicated Solutions Consultant will soon share tax workflow insights and complimentary demos on how to get your firm ready for the future!

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Integrated Modules

The Profession's first modular cloud-based tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution.

Achieve centralized document management in the cloud.

Mitigate risk, support client privacy and gain a competitive edge by delivering better client service.

Maximize billable hours and streamline administrative work.

An intelligent tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution specifically built for the cloud.

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