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Easily create your first website or revitalize your current one.

Chances are most of your clients are comfortable functioning in the online world. In fact, it’s probably their preferred way to pay bills, conduct banking and make investments. So when it comes to their tax and accounting needs, they’re most likely going to expect the same kind of online convenience from your accounting firm. Are you meeting their expectations or falling behind the times?


If you need to create your first website, or simply want to revitalize your current one, CCH Site Builder will set you on the right path.

With Site Builder, you can:
  • Enjoy free web hosting and a unique domain name.
  • Create a fully functional CPA website in less than 15 minutes
  • Choose a style from our growing collection of industry specific templates.
  • Change the look and content of your website as often as you wish — for free.
  • Make text edits using a simple text editor — no HTML coding necessary.
  • Upload logos, PDFs and images with ease.
  • Customize website content using HTML or let us do it for you.
  • Share files with your clients in a safe and secure environment.

When you use Site Builder to create your accounting firm’s website, you can be confident that it will give you a professional online presence with all of the expected elements: 
  • Welcome page — Displays the name of your practice, as well as a personalized message.
  • Firm Profile page — Provides visitors with background information about you and your firm.
  • Internet Links page — Includes interesting and useful links to other websites. You may select default links or provide your own.
  • Contact Information page — Displays detailed firm and staff contact information, including detailed driving directions to your firm.
  • Client Services page — Attracts prospective and current clients with a complete list of your professional services. Select from a default list of more than 40 types of services and related descriptions or list your own custom services.
  • Info Center page — Provides an abundance of valuable information and resources for visitors, including downloadable tax forms and publications. You can add special firm events and other important dates to the Events Calendar and you can purchase a number of eContent add-ons for even more useful content.
  • Newsletter page — Refreshes each month with a new collection of professionally written articles, giving visitors a reason to come back. You control which default articles, if any, you want to appear on your site or you can add your own custom articles.
  • Financial Tools page — Provides useful interactive calculators and tools that not only provide visitors with the answers to simple questions, but also encourage them to consult with you to make more informed financial decisions. You simply indicate which financial tools you want included on your site and our exclusive web engine takes care of the rest.
  • Custom pages — Lets you create customized pages, such as career opportunities, partner services or other unique offerings.

Add eContent and financial tools to your Info Center page. A complete online content syndication solution for tax and accounting firms, eContent lets you offer the latest news, information and tax content on your website by tapping into the Wolters Kluwer knowledge base, including:

  • CCH Premium Content — Up-to-date news and information written in a way your clients will understand, and presented as if you’ve written it.
  • Tax Alerts — Informative federal- and state- specific tax alerts that compel your clients to take action and contact your firm.
  • Monthly Federal and State Tax Events — Relevant federal- and state-specific tax due dates are added to your Events Calendar.
  • Useful Calculators — Powerful interactive financial calculators allow your clients to perform basic financial analysis.
  • CCH Tax Guide — Provides clients with straightforward explanations of virtually any tax issue.
  • Business Owner's Toolkit — Creates customer loyalty by teaching your clients how to start, run and grow their own businesses using more than 4,600 news and advice documents.
  • Financial Planning Toolkit — Translates complex financial details into user-friendly information with more than 1,500 financial planning documents, tools and interactive calculators.
  • CCH Client Life-Cycle Reading Rack — Enhances your image as a tax authority by providing access to this series of helpful guides to understanding taxes both for individuals and for businesses.

Site Builder offers effortless integration with a variety of Wolters Kluwer products, including:

  • FileShare Module — Share documents with clients, partners and associates using this secure online document sharing application. Seamlessly integrated with your website, its intuitive user interface provides access to documents anytime, anywhere.
  • CCH Axcess™ Portal — Store and exchange confidential files and documents of all sizes with your clients 24/7 in a safe, secure and easy-to-use portal.
  • ProSystem fx® Tax Notebook — Deliver convenience and technology with this online tax organizer. Save hours of data entry and review time by linking Tax Notebook data directly to ProSystem fx Tax.
  • CompleteTax Affiliate Program — Link to your own version of CompleteTax. Collect data that can help you acquire profitable professional engagements out of “do-it-yourself” clients or point your lower-margin clients toward CompleteTax to free up your time for larger engagements.
  • GainsKeeper® Pro — Eliminate the hassle of Schedule D preparation with this online portfolio management solution. Import data directly into ProSystem fx Tax.
  • CCH Site Builder eContent — A complete online content syndication solution, eContent lets you offer the latest news, information and tax content on your website by tapping into the Wolters Kluwer knowledge base, including tax alerts, federal and state tax event calendars, useful calculators, the CCH Tax Guide, Business Owner’s Toolkit, Financial Planning Toolkit and CCH Client Life-Cycle Reading Rack.

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