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Our end to end digital work flow product will have your entire office working together.

Meeting, Exceeding and Managing Expectations ... Operation Digital Tax Workflow

Our Digital Tax Workflow solutions allow you to standardize, integrate and automate across all processes of your tax workflow. Far too many firms waste time searching for and managing client files and documents — your firm doesn’t need to be one of them, but it takes a winning strategy. Explore any of the digital tax solutions below, sign up for a free demo or contact us today for a solution consultant to help you get your firm future-ready!

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Award-Winning Cloud Productivity

Future-ready firms require an end-to-end digital tax workflow that supports on-demand, mobile delivery of services, real-time collaboration with clients and places current regulatory guidance at their fingertips. With today’s readily available technologies, why would you still:

  • Rely on paper?
  • Enter data manually and more than once?
  • Communicate sensitive information via email?
  • Be unable to service clients when you're away from the office?

"CCH Axcess™ works like it should. Our efficiency went up this year, and I think it will go up even more next year as we get better and better with the tools."
— Jody Padar
CEO & Principal, New Vision CPA Group
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The Future of the End-to-End Digital Tax Workflow is Here

CCH Axcess represents the profession’s only single-access, modular cloud solution to support every area of firm operations for streamlined efficiency firm wide. Free Demo >

CCH Axcess Workstream allows you to spend more time producing and less time on administrative tasks. Free Demo >

When you become a CCH ProSystem fx Tax user, you improve your bottom line with an integrated tax preparation and compliance system. Free Demo >

CCH Axcess Tax is an intelligent tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution specifically built for the cloud. Free Demo >

CCH Axcess Portal is a secure online solution that allows you to send, receive and store client and firm files quickly and securely. Free Demo >

CCH ProSystem fx Document can store all your documents in one central, searchable repository, so you will be ready to deliver better client service by minimizing time spent searching for binders or pieces of paper.

CCH Axcess Document offers a feature-rich document management solution and stores all types of client documents and firm communications. Free Demo >

When you become a CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management user, you will instantaneously improve processes and profitability with a complete firm management system. Free Demo >

When you become a CCH ProSystem fx Scan user, that unorganized box of client receipts, invoices and source documents will disappear, allowing you to work smarter, and more profitably. Free Demo >

CCH Axcess Practice provides easy-to-use, comprehensive time and billing features that enable you to work in the most efficient way possible. Free Demo >

CCH My1040Data streamlines the process of collecting personal data and tax documentation.

Tax Preparation, Research and Audit Preparation

Help your firm's tax workflow from start to finish with CCH® eSign CCH® Tax Prep Partner, CCH® Intelliconnect® and CCH® ProSystem fx® PDflyer.

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End-to-End Digital Tax Workflow

Digital Tax Workflow

Smith + Salisbury, PLLC in Charlotte, North Carolina implemented a digital tax workflow, and as a result, increased revenue by 22% and profits by 29% since 2009. Here’s one example of how they did it:

  • The firm increased the number of returns prepared from 900 in 2009 to 1,100 (23% more returns) without adding more work hours or employees.
  • Utilizing the Wolters Kluwer Digital Tax Workflow, the firm estimates it’s saving 5 minutes per return.
    • 5 minutes saved per return x 1,100 returns per year = 5,500 minutes saved (over 91 hours)
    • 91 hours per year x $125 per hour (average blended rate) = $11,000+ in savings

Implementing a Digital Tax Workflow = Time Saved = More Revenue and More Profit

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With its dynamic environment and anytime, anywhere access, users can provide stronger client service, complete work in less time and focus on higher value tasks that directly impact the bottom line.

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