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Open Integration Platform

The perfect strategy to give firms a competitive advantage.

The Open Integration Platform allows customers and vendors alike to seamlessly integrate their applications and custom solutions with Wolters Kluwer’s cloud platform. This open approach and willingness to work with anyone is seen as a big, bold and important move. In fact, the consensus among industry experts and tax professionals is that the Open Integration Platform opportunity is a “perfect strategy;" a platform that will give firms a competitive advantage.
Program Details

Differentiated. Cloud Delivered.

With Open Integration Platform, partners build integrations into Wolters Kluwer products using the Open Integration Kit. This opportunity presents an entirely new way of working, providing partners with a revenue stream and customers the assurance that our best of class, cloud-based solutions will integrate with their current and future third party solutions, helping them strategically plan for the future.

Open Integration Platform is a market-leading platform for exponential, agile, market-driven innovation. An approach that provides rapidly scalable, new application development and deployment. These “always on, always connected workstreams” offer CPAs focused, communication-heavy customer interaction and engagements; better, faster search results; and customized knowledge.

Choose from two Open Integration Platform opportunities:

  • Have our common database function as your primary database, updating or updated by, a third-party application and eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Embed key Wolters Kluwer suite features and functions into a third-party application and make them accessible at the user’s point of need.

The Open Integration Kit, used to create the integration, is made up of:

  • Instructions to integrate your application with Wolters Kluwer’s application, containing:
  • Documentation with Application Program Interface (referred to as API) instructions
  • Sample code
  • Best practices guidance
  • User Interface (UI) modules, such as mapping utilities, etc.
  • A CCH Axcess™ Server Module to manage to manage the Open Integration Kit API requests and serve as an interface between different software programs facilitating their interaction, similar to the way a user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.
Information for CCH Axcess™ Customers


Wolters Kluwer customer - CPA firm or corporation (non-commercial)


Make your firm more efficient by creating integration with Wolters Kluwer products.


Benefits for customers using the Open Integration Platform include:

  • Custom solutions designed to best fit your unique needs
  • Extended value of the CCH Axcess’ common data through tools that allow synchronization of client and staff data with third-party applications you use in your daily workflow.
  • Improved productivity and fewer errors via the extension of ‘common data’.
  • Increased efficiency via an automation of processes, such as linking to CCH Axcess solutions from third-party applications like or printing directly to CCH Axcess™ Document.
  • Increased billable hours via integration with items like clocks and time entry.
Information for Vendors


Third-party cloud-based software applications/tools provider, implementation/consulting firm or system integrator


Enhance your company’s revenue stream by integrating with Wolters Kluwer products.


Benefits for ISV’s that become Open Integration Platform Partners include:

  • Provide your customers with integration between your solution and CCH Axcess products.
  • A range of software licenses and tool.
  • A range of technical training and consulting opportunities.
  • Advanced previews of CCH Axcess roadmaps and technology strategies.
  • Sample code and maintenance resources needed to successfully develop and test applications for CCH Axcess product lines.
Integrated Vendor Solutions

Our Open Integration Platform (OIP) Vendor Partners reap many benefits by integrating their software solutions with CCH Axcess. But don’t take our word for it — read these success stories from WSG, creators of Empire RESOURCE and other time- and resource management solutions, offering time-saving, seamless integration with CCH Axcess Document.

Empire RESOURCE – The effortless integration between CCH Axcess and Empire RESOURCE, achieved with the Open Integration Platform from Wolters Kluwer, helps managers find the right resource for the right project at the right time. Additions and changes to existing clients, projects and staff in CCH Axcess are automatically updated in Empire RESOURCE, so essential information is always in sync. Powerful, intuitive scheduling tools in Empire RESOURCE ensure the proper match between projects and resources — using critical resource attributes, such as skills, location, experience and availability. All of which improves your ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Designed for growing, dynamic companies, the EMPIRE Suite provides premier time entry, project accounting and resource management solutions for project-oriented businesses. Available in both cloud and self-hosted platforms, it offers all of the tools professional services firms require for billing, resource scheduling, true multicurrency functionality and support for intercompany accounting across multiple legal entities.

Learn more about the Empire Suite: www.empiresuite.com

For more information on the benefits of Open Integration Platform Vendor Partnerships, see Information for Vendors.


Open Integration functionality includes:

Application/ Module



Silent Login/Logoff

Common Data

Clients - Add, update and export clients, create mapping template

Staff - Add, update and export staff, create mapping template

Client Linking - link clients from source application to Suite clients


Publish document

Retrieve and update document metadata

Retrieve document history

Search documents by client and search criteria

Check-in/Check-out documents

Edit document


Manage Clock events - start, stop resume, pause and delete clock


Link to project

Open route sheet


Tax Data Import/Export

Tax Transfer

Tax Return Info

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing Status


Publish to Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Open Integration Platform?

This is a program that provides the ability for third-parties (both vendors and customers) to build integrations into CCH Axcess products. This could include integration with common data as well as services specific to products, such as accessing files in CCH Axcess Document.

How will I benefit from becoming an Open Integration Platform partner?

You will benefit from integrations built into current (or future) applications you use along with CCH Axcess products. You also will have the ability to sign up as a partner and build your own integrations - either into third-party applications or into customer-built internal products that you use.

What value does the Open Integration Platform offer?

The Open Integration Platform extends Wolters Kluwer’s “Best in Process™” strategy to third-party applications by extending common data and common services to applications outside the CCH Axcess Suite. This results in greater efficiencies and productivity, as well as increases the overall ROI you will realize from Wolters Kluwer products.

What types of integrations are available?

Integrations are available for client and staff data, CCH Axcess Document linking and viewing, linking to projects in CCH Axcess™ Workstream, importing and exporting of CCH Axcess™ Tax return data, and silent login for unattended automation.

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