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CCH Axcess™ and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tips & Tricks

Get Ready for 2018! Before next year starts, become familiar with the latest enhancements, tips and tricks for your CCH Axcess and CCH ProSystem fx solutions. You can gain practical knowledge allowing you to leverage your software more efficiently. Learn more today!

Streamline Your Operations

Productivity demands are high — both within your firm and with your clients — due to price sensitivity and advances in technology. The CCH ProSystem fx Suite of solutions are designed to allow you to do more with less.

Integrated with Microsoft® Office and other software solutions, the CCH ProSystem fx Suite transforms your day-to-day audit and tax workflows, and sets you on a straight path for future growth.

More efficient. More productive. More profitable

"If you’re not paperless, your turnover is worse. We are twice as big with the same amount of staff as we had 10 years ago, before we started the paperless path." 

— James P. Schnell, CPA/ABV, CVA,
Chair — Tax Department, Mengel Metzger Barr & Co. LLP
CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets
Focus on Higher Value Work by Leveraging a Digital Tax Workflow

The fast-changing legislative environment makes it increasingly difficult for staff to stay up to date on the latest tax and accounting rulings, regulations and guidance. End-to-end digital automation makes the compliance process quick and easy, reducing data-entry errors and other mistakes.

"Using CCH ProSystem fx Scan with AutoFlow Technology, we’ve been able to keep our more highly paid tax professionals away from the copy machine/scanner. We’ve moved data input to our admin team. We generate a better quality, more efficiently produced tax return for clients at the same price or less."

— Bob Woodard, CPA,
Shareholder, Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell P.C.
CCH Preferred
CCH® Preferred: A Strategic CPA WIN-WIN!

As a Wolters Kluwer client, your business and relationship is valued; therefore, any clients you refer will receive preferred pricing on our corporate tax software solutions. Give your clients the opportunity to advance their business by using the same, award-winning software solutions as you. Continue to take on the trusted advisor role to your client by delivering high-valued services.

Make it a win-win for you and your clients today!
Small Firm Services
Small Firm. Big Capabilities.

Your small firm is a tax and accounting powerhouse. You place a premium on saving time whenever possible by utilizing smarter ways to solve problems, so that you can better serve your clients. CCH® ProSystem fx® for Small Firms is an all-in-one solution that will help you serve your clients, manage complex returns, and provide year-round billable services. This new package — tailored for firms of your size and the number of clients your serve — provides high level efficiency and secure communication, ensuring the best tax outcomes for your clients.

Experience an evolution of small firm solutions today!
Need big solutions for your small firm?
Advanced solutions at affordable prices are within your reach.
Integrated Suite of Products
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax

Automate your tax return process with our award-winning tax compliance and preparation solution.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement

K2 quality award for audit technology.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Document

Minimize the costs associated with managing paper documents.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach

An entirely new type of digital audit management, the award winning and peer reviewed Knowledge Coach allows auditors to take better control of the audit process because the solution offers a planning tool, dynamic workpapers tailored for your client and audit workflow management all rolled into one.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan

Eliminate headaches by quickly scanning and organizing source documents and automatically transferring data.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management

Improve processes and profitability with a complete firm management system.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Fixed Assets

Get the most robust financial reporting tool that manages, tracks and supports all asset depreciation compliance, reporting and planning needs.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Outsource

Cut costs, increase productivity and improve turnaround times on returns by outsourcing.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® for Small Firms

Cloud technology, highly advanced automation and end-to-end workflow tools are now within your reach — and your budget.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Planning

Streamline tax planning engagements and quickly review multiple tax scenarios.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® PDFlyer

Reach a new level of productivity.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® i-Mask

Protect your clients’ data and stay in compliance with IRS Regulation 7216.

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With its dynamic environment and anytime, anywhere access, users can provide stronger client service, complete work in less time and focus on higher value tasks that directly impact the bottom line. Don't just take our word for it! See our client testimonial videos >

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