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Seamlessly integrates BNA portfolio content with IntelliConnect® to give you one-stop convenience to the information you need.

Key Features

Enjoy the ease of accessing needed information...

  • Link directly to CCH Code and Regulations via the BNA tax portfolio as you drill down to precise law and regulatory provisions.
  • Link between BNA Portfolios as you review in-depth discussions across issues.
  • Get instant access to detailed BNA tax portfolio explanations, primary sources, and more.

When you access BNA tax portfolio content through IntelliConnect, you no longer need to interrupt your workflow to move between the two products. Instead, you get easy access to a wide range of BNA tax research content within your IntelliConnect session.

With guidance from the world’s leading tax authorities, the BNA tax portfolio offers a broad range of taxation topics that are a perfect complement to Wolters Kluwer research products. BNA content includes BNA tax research information on federal income taxes, state income taxes, estates, gifts and trusts and international taxation.

BNA Portfolios offer the guidance of the world’s leading tax authorities across a broad range of taxation topics. They contain BNA tax research information on federal income taxes, state income taxes, estates, gifts and trusts, and international taxation. Resources include:

  • Accounting Policy & Practice Report
  • Compensation Planning Journal
  • Daily Tax Report
  • EGT Journal
  • Estates, Gifts and Trusts Portfolios
  • Financial Planning Journal
  • Foreign Income Portfolios
  • International Journal
  • International Tax Monitor
  • Real Estate Journal
  • State Tax Portfolios
  • Tax Management Memorandum
  • Tax Planning International
  • Tax Planning International Asia-Pacific Focus
  • Tax Planning International European Union Focus
  • Tax Planning International Forum
  • Tax Planning International Indirect Taxes
  • Tax Planning International Transfer Pricing
  • Transfer Pricing Report
  • US Income Portfolios
  • Weekly Report
  • Weekly State Tax Report

Formats available/update frequency:

  • IntelliConnect®: Updated monthly.
  • Daily Tax News
  • Includes access to CCH@Hand™