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Business Entity Planning Library

Get practical guidance and an understanding of each entity used by small and medium-sized businesses.

The Business Entity Planning Library on IntelliConnect® combines convenient tools and expert analysis to help you understand business entities used by small and medium-sized businesses. It provides you with in-depth explanations, primary sources and powerful research technology to conduct business entity research quickly and efficiently, including preparation for S corporations, partnership and LLC tax planning.

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Key Features

A unique combination of practical guidance and tax planning for S Corporations, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies, provides a firm understanding of each entity used by small and medium-sized businesses.


Business Entity Planning Library includes the S Corporations Guide, Limited Liability Company Guide and Partnership Tax Planning and Practice – including their related newsletters – in one comprehensive and convenient online source. Explanations of primary entity structures, along with analysis and planning insights from practicing industry experts and Wolters Kluwer tax editors, give you a firm understanding of each entity.

The Business Entity Planning Library provides comprehensive explanations of the primary entity structures, as well as:

  • The necessary supporting authority, to help you make well-informed decisions, the Internal Revenue Code, federal tax regulations, IRS rulings, case law and other relevant federal and state material.
  • The Choice of Entity at a Glance feature that presents a concise overview that compares the entities, offers explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of each business entity and more.

Your subscription includes the following titles, tools and other resources:

  • S Corporations Tax Guide — Supplies comprehensive analysis of the tax laws that apply to S corporations and their shareholders. It provides information for those considering an S corporation election as well as S corporations looking for on-going tax guidance.
  • Limited Liability Company Guide — A practice-oriented LLC tax planning guide arranged in a topical format that offers guidance on federal income tax planning and compliance issues, as well as state tax and business law requirements.
  • Partnership Tax Planning and Practice — Combines all of the necessary elements for comprehensive federal tax planning for partnerships and other passthrough entities. This guide contains up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of tax issues that could impact partnerships and LLCs, with tax planning and practice ideas integrated throughout the explanations. This examination of the partnership entity is written by Wolters Kluwer tax law editors in collaboration with renowned consultant and tax attorney Charles R. Levun.*
  • LLC Advisor monthly newsletter
  • Partnership Tax Watch monthly newsletter
  • S Corporations Guide monthly newsletter

Other resources include:

  • CCH® SmartCharts — The Choice of Entity SmartChart allows you to quickly and easily compare corporations, LLPs, multi-member LLCs, partnerships and S corporations on 21 issues related to federal tax treatment and 12 factors relating to organization under state law. Plus, the answers provide links to authority and Wolters Kluwer explanations.
  • Monthly newsletters — Keep you up to date on the latest changes and developments for each entity so you're always current with LLC or partnership tax planning issues.
  • Fast links — Connect you to all critical primary sources.
  • Interactive Decision Trees — Lets you narrow your focus on issues like determining the tax status of an entity under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Partnership taxation questions and answers — Gives you quick answers to more than 100 questions dealing with contributions to a partnership, transactions between a partner and the partnership, disposing of an interest, family partnerships and more. The answers include links to authority and Wolters Kluwer explanations.
  • S Corporation taxation questions and answers — The S Corporation Taxation Questions and Answers provide guidance on a variety of tax topics, from electing S corporation status to the taxation of S corporation shareholders. Over 100 questions and answer with links to authority and Wolters Kluwer explanations.
  • Checklists — Assist you with entity formation, partner and partnership elections and decisions, such as if a partnership is eligible to use the cash method or if an activity is considered passive.
  • Primary sources — Provide full text of each entity type: Internal Revenue Code, federal tax regulations, IRS rulings, federal court decisions and committee Reports.
  • Other practice aids
  • Sample partnership agreements that assist in partnership tax planning
  • Sample operating agreements
  • Compliance guidance by topic
  • Summaries of LLC statutes and other laws that impact LLC tax planning for all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • Frequently updated charts comparing state LLC and LLP acts
  • State filing requirements and fees for all 51 jurisdictions
  • Filled-in forms
  • Client letters

*Charles R. Levun, JD, CPA. is a partner in the Chicago-area law firm of Levun, Goodman & Cohen, LLP, and an adjunct professor of law at the Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent Graduate Tax Program.

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