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The most recent addition to the CCH® IntelliConnect® platform, CCH Browser Search is a complimentary browser add-on that instantly sends search queries through Wolters Kluwer's subscriber content, and displays the CCH IntelliConnect answers directly on the Google®, Bing® or Yahoo!® results page. No logging in and no more alternating between research tools! You'll save time and money by taking both public and professional sources into consideration at once. But don't take our word for it. Read what our users have to say.

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Get current, dependable CCH IntelliConnect content delivered to you seamlessly along with your search engine results.

Already a user? Install an upgraded version of CCH Browser Search for Internet Explorer® and Chrome™.

Additional Details & Enhancements

Streamline your tax and accounting research by leveraging the power of CCH IntelliConnect content through the most popular public search engines.

Features of this one-of-a-kind add-on include:

  • One-click activation allows for seamless integration with your search engine research.
  • Our Quick Answers feature displays CCH IntelliConnect Quick Answers when related terms are searched.
  • Streamlined login enables credentialed access to the CCH IntelliConnect search or article selected. It supports user ID/password credentials, single sign-on and IP-authentication credentials.
  • Single download and quick installation process auto-installs on all supported browsers and search engines. It automatically senses a user’s user ID/password from stored cookies, if enabled.
  • network install version is available for firms where network security limitations make it difficult for individual downloads and installs.

You talked, we listened. Here are the latest enhancements to CCH Browser Search.

  1. From anywhere on the Internet, when more information about a tax-related term is needed, you can highlight the term, right click and choose “Search with CCH IntelliConnect” to get Wolters Kluwer’s explanation.
  2. New categories that can be expanded and/or collapsed and “jump to” links make it easier than ever to find Wolters Kluwer’s reliable answers anywhere on the Internet. 
  3. A new “view in full screen” button allows you to see the search results in full screen.

Users don’t need to download the new version to see the changes listed.

Resources & Requirements

For questions about CCH Browser Search, have a Wolters Kluwer representative contact you by filling out the form on the right.

For installation questions, please contact Wolters Kluwer Customer Service or call 800-835-0105.

System requirements for CCH Browser Search:

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista or higher operating system
  • 512 MB or higher available RAM
  • 1 GHz or higher processor
  • Supported browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
    • Chrome 35 or higher
    • Firefox

CCH Browser Search may not be compatible with all search platforms.

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