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CCH® Expert Treatise Library

This premier Treatise Library gives you up-to-date, comprehensive expert guidance to help you navigate through the challenging and ever-changing maze of tax rules and regulations.

Key Features

Brings together a variety of features that help you effectively plan for your organization or shareholders…

  • Access easy-to-understand commentaries from industry experts.
  • Review coverage of pertinent topics with ease.
  • Access supporting documents and helpful and interactive practice aids

CCH Expert Treatise Library is a powerful series that provides in-depth analysis of the most complex tax topics today. The Library helps you navigate through the challenging and ever-changing maze of tax regulations and issues you face, providing a comprehensive perspective from authors that are immersed in a specific subject area. These acclaimed industry experts translate complex regulatory language into easy-to-understand commentary, so you can develop more effective tax plans.

All points of law and analysis include links to supporting primary source material, including cases, statutes and other governmental pronouncements, to ensure you’re basing your plans on the most accurate information available.

CCH Expert Treatise Library brings together a variety of helpful features and titles that enable you to effectively manage complex issues and provide accurate tax planning.

  • Provides a comprehensive perspective from renowned industry experts – Our authors are practicing tax, academic and legal experts who can translate complex regulatory language into easy-to-understand examples and opinions.
  • Covers all aspects of taxation – The Library offers a variety of titles that provide guidance on Federal, State and International taxation.
  • Access to supporting documentation and interactive practice aids – All of our treatises have links to IRS rulings, the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Tax Regulations and Federal Court decisions. And many of them also offer practices aids, including interactive examples and flowcharts.

Format available: IntelliConnect®