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Navigate Tax Season without Interruptions with CCH® ProSystem fx® Outsource and CCH Axcess™ Outsource

Cut costs, increase productivity, and improve tax return turnaround times via outsourcing.


Leverage Outsource to Expand Your Business and Enhance Your Staff's Quality of Life — Now Available for CCH Axcess™ Tax!

Our tax preparation outsourcing service helps you cut costs by up to 60 percent because it supplements and streamlines your in-house tax return processing with highly trained onshore and offshore tax professionals.

With Outsource your firm will:

  • Increase morale and productivity by reducing long work hours and weekend staffing requirements.
  • Reduce or eliminate peak season overtime costs.
  • Refocus your staff on higher-value tasks.
  • Convert the variable cost of tax preparation to a fixed cost.
  • Enjoy faster turnaround times on returns because of time zone differences.
  • Improve your document management processes.

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A Strong Partnership You Can Count On

One of the most valuable features of our outsourcing service is the Web-based Outsource Status system, which allows you to make queries and generate status reports on all of the tax returns you submit. All queries are available in real-time, so you’ll always know the current status of your clients’ returns. Another helpful tool is electronic document storage, which eliminates the hassle of having to store paper copies and simplifies reviews with easy-to-use paperless tools. Conveniently accessible from the tax return, documents are organized in bookmarked files that contain:

  • All scanned images
  • Preparer and reviewer tickmarks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Review notes
  • Reconciliation statements

A Bookmarking Only service (without the tax preparation) is also available.

Your Clients’ Data Remains Secure

When you use our outsourcing service, you can be sure that your clients’ data is safe and secure. Our outsourced tax preparation and accounting vendors maintain:

  • The same comprehensive non-disclosure agreements as Wolters Kluwer personnel.
  • A fully trained staff experienced with CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax and now with CCH Axcess Tax.
  • Extensive and continuing training on all the latest federal and state tax laws and codes.
  • A high-level final review process.

Integration with CCH ProSystem fx Tax — and now with CCH Axcess Tax — is Seamless

Our outsourcing service is completely integrated with CCH ProSystem fx Tax and CCH Axcess Tax, which streamlines your outsourced tax preparation and accounting. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply scan your “shoebox” of source documents and/or organizers into electronic files.
  • These scanned documents, along with your current and prior year tax return data, are then compressed and transmitted to the Outsource Center.
  • Secured socket layering ensures data is always kept private and confidential.
    • For CCH Axcess Outsource, source documents will be transferred using our secured Portal.
  • Upon completion, the tax return, bookmarked workpapers, reviewer/preparer notes and reconciliation statements are compressed, encrypted and relayed back to your office from the Outsource Center.
    • For CCH Axcess Tax, your completed bookmarked workpapers, reviewer/preparer notes and reconciliation statements are sent back using our secured Portal.

The result is a prepared return ready for your final review.

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