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Automate your tax return process with our award-winning tax compliance and preparation solution.


Automate Your Tax Return Process

Are you keeping pace with the ever-changing tax climate or are you getting bogged down in the clutter? If you’re not automating your tax return process, then it’s time you took at look at CCH ProSystem fx Tax, the award-winning tax compliance and preparation solution.

Tax, also available in an online platform (CCH® Global fx) or a software as a service delivery method (CCH Axcess™ Tax), has thousands of automatically calculating forms and schedules for federal, state, county and city, which speeds you through the return process as data is shared across documents. This shaves days, if not weeks, off your tax preparation process, opening up your day for client consulting and growing your business. Don't take our word for it ... Check out the video below.

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When you use Tax, you’ll get more done in less time. Because of its powerful functions, you’ll have more time to cater to your clients and grow your business. Tax offers you:

  • Automatic calculations, overrides and optimizations for every federal and state return.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive diagnostic system, which tests for omissions and inconsistencies, then instantly finds related input with a single click.
  • Comprehensive state programs for all entities, including full multi-state capabilities.
  • A client and tax return management system that always provides a complete status of returns and staff responsibilities.
  • Intuitive navigation panels, pop-up menus and “forms-stepping” features that allow you to quickly navigate through a return.
  • Full-featured depreciation and depletion capability for both individual and business returns.
  • A comprehensive on-screen review system featuring color-coded tick marks, field and global notes, lists, overrides and estimates.
  • Detailed CPA tax software reporting options for audit and planning purposes.
  • Extensive data import and export for a variety of programs.
  • The ability to easily generate fully compliant fileable forms while also meeting your e-filing needs.

Tax has a variety of value-added software options to help minimize data entry and maximize productivity, such as:

  • DataScan Plus® — Turns client data into valuable marketing, practice management and client services information.
  • Engagement Plus™ — Tracking and reporting software that allows you to monitor all of your firm’s engagements.
  • Tax Projector™ — Lets you show clients how scheduled tax law changes will affect them.
  • Client Manager™ — Allows you to set up and maintain complete profiles on all your firm’s clients.
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Leverage Integration to Improve Productivity
In addition to its seamless integration with the Microsoft® Office, Tax integrates with other CCH® ProSystem fx® solutions, such as Document, Engagement, Practice Management and Scan. Integration lets your staff spend less time looking for the information they need and more time getting the job done.

Tax integrates with several other Wolters Kluwer solutions, including:
  • CCH® IntelliConnect® — Provides a real-world focus on tax laws and important issues you face every day. It connects directly to interactive research aids, practical examples, sample calculations, compliance pointers, comments, planning notes and other features.
  • CCH® ClientRelate — Helps identify clients within Tax who will be affected by new tax legislation.
  • Smart Charts — Chart state tax issues in one jurisdiction or compare tax treatments across multiple tax jurisdictions. Tax includes a link to Smart Charts that address multi-jurisdictional research needs.
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The Engagement Effect

The advantages of going paperless are well-established for an efficient workflow. What many firms don't realize, however, is that paperless processes are only as efficient as their limitations allow. Enter a no limitations solution that will position you as a future-ready firm! Unlike most workpaper management and trial balance solutions, CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement was built to serve both tax and audit engagements so that you can improve:

  • Team collaboration for work on an engagement at once.
  • Client files and spreadsheets with electronic sign off, finalization and binder lock-down.
  • Data integrity and conflicting copies.
Optimize your workflow with a no-obligation demo and see how our engagement effect can automate your tax preparation process.
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Consider Moving to the Cloud
CCH ProSystem fx Tax is an on-premise tax solution, but if you are interested in working in the cloud, consider CCH Axcess™ Tax — the tax preparation component of CCH Axcess™. CCH Axcess Tax represents the heart of a streamlined, digital tax process — supporting ease of tax preparation and compliance with thousands of automatically calculating forms and schedules for federal, state, county, and city entities; robust diagnostics; and a state-of-the-art electronic filing system.
CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets
Professional and Client Services

Learn how you can handle all your compliance needs with the most comprehensive system in the industry, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, in an interactive, hands-on training format. Click here for Tax training and consulting.

For a one stop show on Tax resources and information visit our support page here.

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