CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax — Data Conversion

Convert tax data information with speed and accuracy.

CCH ProSystem fx Tax — Data Conversion software converts tax data information with speed and accuracy. Getting started is easy. Upon processing your order‚ we send you detailed instructions to kick off the conversion process. Using our Tax Data Conversion software‚ you convert tax data files in the convenience of your office. Accurate‚ comprehensive Tax files are then ready for preparation of your Pro Forma and Organizer/Tax Notebook.

Key Features

Accurately convert your client data via:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Software you can use from your office
  • Comprehensive customer service and support

Easily and accurately convert your client information to CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax for the following modules:

  • Individual 1040 
  • Partnership 1065 
  • Corporation 1120 
  • S Corporation 1120S 
  • Fiduciary 1041 
  • Exempt Organization 990
  • Deferred Compensation 5500

Click here to download the Client Data Conversion Wizard.

Important Notes:

  • Same Year 2013 Conversions Now Available
  • Lacerte – 1040, 1120, 1120S
  • GoSystem RS – 1040, 1120, 1120S
  • Ultra Tax CS – 1040 only
  • Same Year 2013 Conversions for ATX & TaxWise 1040 returns will be available in August. 
  • 2013 ProSeries returns must be sent in for processing.  Contact Conversion Support for additional details.
  • In addition to the 2013 conversions described above, this download will allow conversion of prior year tax returns created in ATX, GoSystem RS, Lacerte, ProSeries, TaxWise, and Ultra Tax CS (CSI). Contact Conversion Support for tax years available.  
  • CCH® Global fx® and CCH Axcess™ users should access the Conversion Wizard through the tax application, rather than downloading the Wizard.

For assistance, questions or additional information, please email us or call 800-PFX-9998800-PFX-9998, option 3, then option 4. 

CCH Axcess customers should call 1-877-977-97391-877-977-9739 option 1, option 2.

Please review this information carefully prior to installing Client Data Conversions. Additional detailed information, including step-by-step instructions, can be found within the Conversion program itself

You may print these instructions.

Getting Started

Note: For CCH Global fx or CCH Axcess users, the Getting Started step is not necessary. The Conversion Program can be accessed directly from within the CCH Global fx/CCH Axcess software.

  • Install the 2013 CCH ProSystem fx Tax software (v 2013.0400 or later). Be sure to install any tax product (1040, 1120) to be converted.
  • The conversion process requires the creation of at least one Office Group in CCH ProSystem fx Tax. Create an Office Group by clicking the Office Manager icon in CCH ProSystem fx Tax.
  • Click here to download and install the Conversion Program.
  • The installation will place an icon on your desktop to access the Conversion Program. It can also be found in the Windows® Start Menu >Programs>ProSystem fx Client Data Conversions.

Conversion Overview

  • After the conversion process is complete, you can open the converted returns in 2013 Tax Preparation and complete or modify the returns.
  • Prior year tax returns converted using the Same Year method are available in the tax software immediately after conversion.
  • Prior year tax returns converted using the Pro Forma method should not be viewed and cannot be calculated or changed in the conversion year tax program. They must be rolled forward to the next tax year before they are available for modification. Much of the converted data will not be visible until the return is rolled forward.  

Additional Information

Detailed Items Converted Lists and a User Guide for each Conversion can be viewed by opening the Conversion Program and clicking the ‘Learn More About Conversions’ link. These documents can be printed for your convenience as well. For further assistance, please call Customer Support at 800-PFX-9998, option 3, option 4.

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