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Support for a true paperless work environment.
increase productivity
Increase Productivity

Do you find yourself searching and sifting through hours of paper documents, binders and files that are stored in file cabinets around the office or even worse, multiple offices? Wolters Kluwer supports a true paperless work environment, allowing you to organize and manage the full range of documents found in a corporate tax department, reducing the costs associated with creating and storing paper documents. You can now easily:

  • Search by file name or key file properties such as assigned classes and subclasses or keyword, so file retrieval is quick and easy.
  • Electronically file your returns and store them for the appropriate time periods based on the corporation's record retention policy and mark them for automatic destruction upon expiration.
  • Secure, remote, 24/7 access to your project files.

Create a paperless work environment that will improve your productivity and mitigate your risk!

Mitigate Risk
Mitigate Risk

Digitally organize and manage the full range of documents found in your business.  In addition to effortless searching, you can:

  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with file retention and destruction policies (including email).
  • Mitigate risk with electronic files that are easier to back-up and store off-site for access in case of disaster.
  • Quickly access many key functions to help you organize, manage and maintain your documents, including lock, check-out, check-in, version history, direct editing, discussions and overdue check-out notification.
With your files centralized in a single, searchable database it's fast and easy to find what you need, when you need it. Contact us today.

Wolters Kluwer Corporate Workflow Solutions allow you to standardize, integrate and automate across all processes of your corporate tax preparation and compliance workflow. View the resources below to help you close the workflow gaps in your corporate tax department.

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Let a dedicated solution consultant get in touch with you, so you can begin spending less time organizing, managing and searching for documents, leaving more time to do the projects that matter most to you and your organization.