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Managing, planning, tracking, and reporting depreciable assets has never been easier.

Flexible Reporting for Any Period

Take your fixed asset accounting, depreciation, management and reporting tasks from overly complicated to absolutely clear. The intuitive interface of CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets software allows you to view the details of how an asset’s current depreciation is calculated. Make use of the system’s ready-to-file IRS forms for tax returns and easy-to-use customization options for entering asset information, viewing data and producing reports:

  • Enjoy flexible reporting for any period.
  • Experience simple asset and depreciation management.
  • Enjoy a long list of customized options and powerful integration with other Wolters Kluwer products.

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"Before I was hired, Scentsy took days to enter thousands of fixed assets manually. When I brought in CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets to integrate with CCH ProSystem fx Tax, I invested some time in learning the software and talking to Wolters Kluwer support, so that when we started doing our tax prep this year, importing our fixed assets took less than a day."
– Matthew Birkeland, Tax Accountant, Scentsy Inc.

Learn the basic asset tracking, management and reporting capabilities of CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets in an interactive, hands-on training format. Click here to learn more about our CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets training and consulting program. Already a customer? View our support page here.

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