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Streamline your tax workflow, to increase efficiency from start to finish.

Assisting small- to medium-sized corporations improve productivity and mitigate risk with an end-to-end corporate tax workflow.
Streamline Workflow

Wolters Kluwer continues to prioritize efficiency and has developed numerous Corporate Workflow Solutions to streamline your processes – enabling you to reclaim your much needed time. Our clients who have implemented our Corporate Workflow Solutions have shared with us that they now are able to devote this reclaimed time to other critical matters such as enhancing the tax planning strategy, globalization and talent retention while maximizing efficiencies.

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Fulfill Your Corporate Workflow Destiny

Wolters Kluwer continues to prioritize efficiency and has developed numerous Corporate Workflow Solutions to streamline your processes – enabling you to reclaim your much needed time. With our solutions, you can standardize, automate and streamline your corporate tax preparation and compliance workflow. Backed by more than 100 years of experience, Wolters Kluwer is positioned and ready to conquer all of your corporate workflow challenges.

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Improve Productivity

Wolters Kluwer's Corporate Workflow Solutions provide the tools to conquer your workflow challenges and help you:

  • Simplify internal business operations by eliminating inefficient processes and reducing time spent on non-value added work such as document searches, reviews and approvals.
  • Streamline department workflow with paperless document management, creating a clean and reliable audit trail and allowing the tax team to be more productive, even with fewer resources.
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Improve Productivity
Mitigate Risk
Mitigate Risk

Close the workflow gaps in your corporate tax department and increase your compliance by:

  • Minimizing manual data entry to help reduce material weaknesses, costly restatements, and underpayments or overpayments.
  • Managing workpapers in their native formats, establish audit trails, strengthen controls, and incorporate regular record retention, version control, rights management and data security to better prepare for audit defense.
Wolters Kluwer has developed numerous solutions to streamline your corporate workflow processes — enabling you to reclaim your much needed time on resources. View our Real Facts to a Streamlined Workflow infographic here.
Our cloud-based and on-premise Corporate Workflow Solutions can be implemented independently or as an integrated workflow. Let us show you how you can improve your workflow today!
On-Premise or Cloud Solutions

Our document storage and retrieval solutions are available on-premise or in the cloud. Retrieve critical documents in a timely and efficient manner, saving time and increasing productivity. CCH® IntelliConnect® integrates with either document management solution. Having all of your client materials in one spot for easy access ensures that you won’t miss anything important when working on a return or providing planning advice.

CCH Axcess™ Portal

Our cloud-based double-encrypted Portal solution, enables easy access and exchange of confidential documents.

An intelligent tax preparation, compliance and workflow solution. The most accurate and efficient tax workflow to fuel extreme productivity and profitability in your corporation. Thousands of auto-calculating forms and schedules speed you through the tax preparation process so you can tackle any corporate return and meet all corporate compliance requirements.

CCH Axcess™ Workstream

Our cloud-based project management system utilized by corporations proactively manages their workflow and maximizes productivity.

Our Fixed Assets Management solution for corporations, provides comprehensive reporting and increased efficiency while reducing your risk or error. Offered both as hosted and on-premise.

Our unique time-saving plug-in enables you to modify and enhance PDF documents.

One of our most powerful workflow tools, Workpaper Manager enables users to electronically organize, share and manage workpapers, while providing oversight.