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CCH Sales Tax Office is a comprehensive tax calculation system that combines industry-leading tax rate and taxability content with highly accurate jurisdiction boundary information and sophisticated logic. As a premier sales and use tax solution from Wolters Kluwer, CCH Sales Tax Office provides:

  • Effortless Set-up and Maintenance — Configure the system to meet your needs, with options for business entities, business rules, nexus rules, users and functional permissions.
  • Rates and Taxability — Stay up-to-date with trusted rate and taxability data from Wolters Kluwer, updated monthly with a simple download.
  • Nexus, Jurisdiction and Situsing — Avoid collecting unnecessary taxes by accurately establishing nexus and determining which taxes must be collected, with advanced geocoding and spatial analysis based on ship-from, ship-to, order placement and order approval addresses.
  • Flexible Calculation — Calculate taxes at the line item level, use multiple ship-from and ship-to combinations in a single invoice, manage minimum and maximum tax rules, and handle complex tax calculation routines involving tax brackets, tax charts and tiered taxes.
  • Consumer Use Tax Processing — Perform consumer use tax self-assessments and overpayment reviews by using your existing GL account numbers and/or purchase system codes to configure CCH Sales Tax Office to identify location, product and service classification, and usage.
  • Highly Customizable Features — Customize the system taxability rules and tax rates when you deem necessary, with options like creating custom groups and items, custom exemptions, SKU/Group and item mapping overrides, taxability overrides, tax rate overrides, sourcing/situsing overrides and custom taxes.
  • Simple Exemption Management — Rely on the 15 built-in exemption reason classifications or create custom exemption classes as required. With CCH Sales Tax Office, there is no need to maintain multiple customer records when the customer’s exempt status varies from state to state.
  • End-of-Month Compliance — Simplify the end-of-month reconciliation process by running liability reports based on specified date ranges, audit reports for taxes and exemptions, and output files for delivery to CCH® Sales Tax Returns Online.
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Sales and Use Tax Professional Services

Partner with our highly knowledgeable and skilled Sales and Use Tax Professional Services team to streamline your sales tax workflow. Reduce risk and manage complex sales tax operations and issues with beneficial features, including nexus studies, SKU mapping, rules and configurations, and custom taxability research.

Form a partnership today with Wolters Kluwer and discover our personalized, hands-on services that will meet your individual needs and ensure you are achieving the highest levels of compliance.

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