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Federal Tax Guide

Offers up-to-date explanations on federal income tax, estate and gift tax, payroll tax, and selected excise taxes to help make sense of various rules and regulations that can confound even the most informed professional.


Federal Tax Articles

Get concise summaries of law review and professional journal articles on federal tax law issues.


Liquor Control Law Reporter

Get the most comprehensive coverage of liquor control laws and regulations in the industry.


IRS Positions – IRS Rulings and Private Letter Rulings

Receive the official texts of IRS rulings, providing you a first-time, behind-the-scenes look at IRS private letter rulings.


IRS Letter Rulings Reporter

Access the full text of IRS rulings and responses to inquiries.


Internal Revenue Manual

Presented in a two-part IRS Manual and offers all the necessary text you'll need from the Internal Revenue Manual - Administration and Audit.


Federal Excise Tax Library

Receive full coverage of federal excise taxes.


CCH® Expert Treatise Library: Federal Research and Development Tax Incentives

Get authoritative and comprehensive guidance to help you navigate through complex and evolving federal research and development tax incentive issues.