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Estate Planning Expert Library

An exclusive estate planning research resource written by experts, for experts.

Designed with your particular workflow in mind, the Estate Planning Expert Library will assist you in all areas of your trust and estate administration practice — from client counseling, estate planning research and planning, to drafting and compliance. The library is organized into modules, which allow you to customize a sophisticated library best suited to your individual practice needs.

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Key Features

Benefit from...

  • Customizable modules to best fit your needs
  • Seamless integration
  • Tools to increase your research productivity
  • Links between topics and resources

Estate Planning Research and Drafting

  • Estate Planning by James Casner and Jeffrey N. Pennell
  • Price on Contemporary Estate Planning by John R. Price
  • The Complete Estate Planning Sourcebook by David A. Handler and Deborah V. Dunn
  • Multistate and Multinational Estate Planning by Jeffrey A. Schoenblum

Charitable Planning

  • Taxwise Giving, Conrad Teitell’s monthly newsletter
  • Outright Charitable Gifts by Conrad Teitell
  • Deferred Giving by Conrad Teitell
  • Charitable Lead Trusts by Conrad Teitell

Trust and Estate Administration

  • Income Taxation of Fiduciaries & Beneficiaries by Byrle Abbin
  • Federal Income Taxation of Estates, Trusts & Beneficiaries by M.Carr Ferguson, James J. Freeland and Mark L. Ascher
  • Loring and Rounds: A Trustee’s Handbook edited by Charles E. Rounds, Jr. and Charles E. Rounds, III
  • Access to perform plus III™ interactive federal and state estate and gift tax forms and instructions

Elder Law Planning

  • ElderLaw Report edited by Harry S. Margolis and Kenneth M. Coughlin
  • ElderLaw Portfolio Series edited by Harry S. Margolis and Julie A. Braun
  • ElderLaw Form Manual by Harry S. Margolis

Practice Tools and Aids

  • Qualified Conservation Easement Exclusion Calculator
  • Form 706 Applicable Credit Used in Prior Periods Calculator
  • Form 709 Prior Years Credit Calculator
  • Special Use Valuation Calculator
  • CCH® FinEst Calcs — Automates and consolidates financial and estate planning calculations, and provides graphical representation.
  • CCH® SmartCharts — Create a custom chart on various estate planning and administration issues, such as asset protection, trust administration and treatment of same-sex couples.
  • Multistate Transfer Tax Nonresident Estates SmartChart
  • Key Tax Rate Data — Includes federal tables, rates and credits, and transfer tax compendiums for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and more
  • Estate Planning Client Letter Toolkit — Letters and correspondence on estate planning research topics and other issues related to transfer taxes, making communication with clients quick and easy
  • Estate Planning Election and Compliance Toolkit — Prepares ready-to-file election and compliance statements on trust and estate administration planning and related topics.
  • Teitell’s Portable Planned Giving Manual by Conrad Teitell — A handy reference manual covering all aspects of charitable giving, including sample documents and practice aids, such as questionnaires and fund-raising proposals.
  • IRS Actuarial Factors — An interactive look-up tool that instantly locates and returns the actuarial information you need.
  • Multistate Guide to Estate Planning, by Jeffrey A. Schoenblum — A comprehensive, practical reference examining the complex state rules that govern various estate planning research issues in easy-to-use chart format.

Formats available:

  • CCH® IntelliConnect®: Updated monthly. Daily news.