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Financial and Estate Planning Library

Receive coverage of all stages of estate administration, planning and development.

In today’s financial climate, it’s a wise idea to head into financial and estate planning with a strong, but flexible, plan. At the core of any planning should be a trusted resource that can guide you through all stages of estate administration, planning and development, including gift tax planning.

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Key Features

Streamline your financial and estate planning with… 

  • Detailed explanations
  • Planning aids
  • Productivity tools

Content includes:

Comprehensive and Authoritative

  • Estate and Gift Tax Reporter Letter — Highlights current developments in estate administration that relate to federal estate, gift and generation-skipping tax laws, updated weekly.
  • Financial and Estate Planning Newsletter — Features expert commentary that summarizes key developments in financial planning and estate administration, and points out their practical impact.
  • Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter — Weekly, in-depth analysis related to federal estate, gift tax planning and generation-skipping tax laws.

CCH® SmartCharts and Calculators

  • Multistate Transfer Tax Consents and Waivers SmartCharts
  • Multistate Transfer Tax Future and Limited Estates SmartCharts
  • Multistate Transfer Tax Laws SmartCharts
  • Multistate Transfer Tax Limitations SmartCharts
  • Multistate Transfer Tax Penalties SmartCharts
  • Multistate Transfer Tax Rates SmartCharts
  • State Treatment of Same-Sex Marriage SmartCharts
  • Selected Federal Rates for Estate and Charitable Planning SmartCharts
  • Estate Planning Rates, Exclusions and Inflation Adjustments SmartChart
  • Estate vs. Income Tax Deductions SmartCharts
  • Multistate Transfer Tax Nonresident Estates SmartChart
  • Qualified Disclaimer Frequently Asked Questions Interactive Chart
  • Form 706 Applicable Credit Used in Prior Periods Calculator
  • Form 709 Prior Years Credit Calculator
  • Qualified Conservation Easement Exclusion Calculator
  • Special Use Valuation Calculator

Newsletters, Toolkits, Guides and More

  • U.S. Master Estate and Gift Tax Guide
  • Financial and Estate Planning
  • CCH® FinEst Calcs
  • IRS publications
  • Internal Revenue Code
  • Federal Tax Regulations
  • perform plus III™
  • Estate Planning Review newsletter
  • IRS Actuarial Factors
  • IRS estate planning publications
  • CCH Estate Planning Client Letter Toolkit
  • CCH Estate Planning Election and Compliance Toolkit
  • Tax Tracker News

The Financial and Estate Planning Library offers detailed explanations, strategies and planning aids that target income, estate and gift tax planning, general investment planning, insurance planning, pension and retirement planning and estate administration. Also included are productivity tools that will make your planning process a model of speed and efficiency.

As a Financial and Estate Planning Library user, you’ll get cutting-edge guidance on the latest financial and estate administration planning trends. In just a few clicks, you’ll have access to forms, client communication letters, checklists and sample documents designed by experts. To top it off, you’ll also get timely advice by the consulting editor, as well as an advisory board of leading practitioners in law, accounting, insurance, investment, financial and retirement planning.

Formats available/update frequency:

CCH® IntelliConnect®: Monthly updates.